HBO’s True Blood Hitting Viewership Records

August 4, 2009 by  

true_blood_2-sookie-and-billHBO is once again on top as a result of Alan Ball‘s hit TV vampire series True Blood which set another series high on Sunday (episode 7, Release Me) with 4.3 million viewers for its initial airing at 9pm.  The statistics are extremely impressive given the number of households that have HBO vs. other broadcast and cable networks.  It is very likely that the numbers will continue to climb each week for the remainder of season two to the season finale.   In other good news, the True Blood Season 1 DVD is still the top selling TV show DVD (by far) in 2009 and has sold nearly 1.2 million units and has earned almost $41 million in sales.  All good news for HBO, Alan Ball and for the cast and crew of True Blood.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • val

    Wow I am impressed by your generosity!I have been having Trueblood group viwings at my house and also have gotten a lot of people hooked-this show may become a huge cult phenomenon!Outdoing all others-yeeha!!

    • Nia

      I have been doing the same val. I have gotten more people hooked on TB and am still working on more. The more we positively talk it up and support it the more likely we will see it last into many seasons. I am not surprised by the numbers. So well deserved.
      I can’t imagine my world without TB. It has been such a fun ride. Watching it, talking about it, dreaming about it (well, the men!). Just love it. Emmys be Da@#$ed.
      Team True Blood rules!

  • Did somebody say V?

  • pbartteacher

    Why are people so surprised by the numbers. When you give viewers intelligent plot lines, delivered by excellent actors in a fantastic setting filled with great conflicts and emotions= Awesome television. DVD sales will continue to grow and as more and more people discover this television gem. I continue to buy the DVD and hand them out as gifts. I haven’t had one returned yet. All my friends are now hooked. Let’s keep the “V” addiction growing.