Eric Northman Fans… Eye Candy!

July 7, 2009 by  

OK so all of us are a bit antsy in our wait for next week’s new episode of True Blood.  We saw and wrote about the rant some fans went on due to the “Repeat Scratches Episode Incident” of July fifth.  I was checking around to bring you something… anything… a new video, interview, pictures.  Just so you know I was unbiased I looked for both of our favorite True Blood vampire men Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard. I wasn’t picky. I searched in character, out of character, yes, desperately, I fully admit it.

So I will share with you what I found they are mostly Alexander as Eric Northman one includes Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton. The pictures are from next weeks new episode “Shake and Fingerpop”   By the way, did I mention Alex was tall? I mean, I knew he was tall but standing next to Stephen as Bill Compton you can really see that he is ummmm tall. Eh, it doesn’t matter. They are both easy on the eyes, I won’t complain. I bet you all went directly to the pics and did not even read this. YOU ARE BAD!!!!
And now for your viewing pleasure courtesy of HBO.




(photo credit:HBO inc.)