Hollywood Life’s Interview with William Sanderson

June 28, 2009 by  

williams-hlHollywood Life.com recently had the chance to interview True Blood’s William Sanderson.  William has starred in film classics Coal Miner’s Daughter, Blade Runner, and HBO‘s Deadwood.  In the interview, William talks about what appealed to him about True Blood, working with True Blood cast members, the types of roles he’s played and his childhood. 

Some of the interview below.

The cast is stellar. What do you glean from them on set?

Especially Anna, she has this incredible energy. That’s probably my biggest talent is to keep up with them. They’re half my age or less. Or more, I should say. Or Stephen Moyer, a wonderful actor from England who plays her love interest. Anna never fumbles with her lines, she’s very professional. And inventive! It’s exciting anytime I get to work with an Academy Award winner. Well, I wouldn’t say always fun – but educational.

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Photo Credit: Hollywood Life