Bite Into This: Hot Hollywood Vampire Ratings

July 1, 2010 by  

2010 may be the year of the werewolf, but vampires have been around for centuries (well, maybe decades in Hollywood).  The Pittsburgh Channel came up with their list of the 5 Hottest Hollywood Vampires, but let’s see if you agree.

#1 on the list is Count Dracula from the movie of the same name, starring Bela Lugosi.  Arguably, we can say this 1931 movie started it all.  Bela portrayed this tall, powerful, sexy, evil creature with masterful seduction.  Not only were women mesmerized by his dark eyes and very exotic accent, but he had a title and a castle.

The #2 vampire is Angel.  David Boreanaz portrayed Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’s love interest and then spun into an off-shoot series titled Angel.  The relationship between the good vampire and Buffy has been likened to Romeo and Juliet with a twist.  Evidently, Angel had a really bad alter ego, Angelus, who would show up unexpectedly, especially after good sex.  What can you expect from a sexy hunk of a vampire named Angel?!

Listed in the #3 slot is Santanico Pandemonium, portrayed by Salma Hayek in From Dusk Til Dawn.  This strangely named female vampire seduced men with her erotic table dancing in a sleazy strip club somewhere in the desert.  It would be easy to see how men would be entranced by her beauty, her body, her dance, her eyes…oops, didn’t see those fangs.  Rather than just bite like a normal vampire, Santanico changed into a hideous snake-like creature when she was hungry (thirsty?).

Now #4 we can dwell on for hours.  Mr. Bill Compton from HBO‘s True Blood is next on the list.  Played by Stephen Moyer, Vampire Bill is sexy and seductive because he is kind, charming, good looking, loving towards his human girlfriend, has a delicious southern accent and is very much the southern gentleman.  Bill has a smoldering look and somber expression that he wears most of the time.  Trying to be a good vampire and fit into human society, Bill is very hot.

Listed in the #5 slot of Hottest Hollywood Vampires is Edward Cullen from Twilight.  More of the teenage love story, Robert Pattinson portrays Edward, a young-looking vampire very much in love with a human high school student.  Having quite a different reaction to sunlight – his face sparkles – endears him to his girlfriend, who accepts him for what he is.

This was a fun list and should generate a lot of discussion.  While I totally agree that Count Dracula is correctly in the #1 spot, in my own humble opinion Bill Compton should be second.  But then, I’m biased!


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  • annm

    Well I am completely but happily shocked that David/Angel ranked higher than some of the others on the list and being a long time Buffy/Agel fan was thrilled. Of course I would have loved to see Alex/Eric on the list but in all fairness Stephen’s been the main vamp on TB for the last two seasons. As Eric becomes more prominent this seasom maybe he will be there next year. I am just so stoked one of our TB guys finally placed higher than Twlight!! It’s about time !!

  • val

    Well I would have picked Eric Northman over Rob Pattison-BUT thats just my opinion!

    • jaxx

      I second that.

  • JANE


  • lizzie1701

    Agree Caryl, I would have had Vampire Bill as No. 2 OR NO. 1, really, because I am sooo in love with that character, but I guess Dracula is a “real” vampire – what we expect a vampire to be! (black cape, slick back hair etc).

    Yes! Vampire Bill won over Twilight! Yes!! About time!

  • jaxx

    SM beat out RP. I wondered when that was going to happen. You need an older audience not the tweens and teens for this show. Very nice. Go TB.