How Anna Camp’s Role Evolved On True Blood

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Anna CampIn Sarah Newlin’s last scene, she said one of the season’s most memorable lines, “I hate your hair” to husband Steve, encapsulated how far Sarah had evolved.  Sarah had changed from the picture-perfect preacher’s wife willing to play a background role, to one who defiantly sat next to Steve on television in the aftermath of the bomb and openly resented her husband when he tried to silence her.  In her recent interview with ‘Starpulse’, Anna Camp talks about how her role as Sarah Newlin evolved into a more multi-dimensional role, her method for choosing a character to portray, and her other endeavors.

When asked how she chooses her roles, Anna states that she gravitates toward the offbeat characters that have interesting dynamics and characteristics that don’t come around all that often. Anna says,

“I’d rather do something and take a risk, and art is about..pushing people’s buttons and getting people excited about things.”

Anna recently starred in the role opposite of Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter”) in the Broadway play “Equus”, in which they were both nude onstage together. She thought Daniel was an “awesome actor”, and had a few interesting encounters with overzealous Harry Potter fans. She recounted,

“The girls would come up to me. And you would think they would be joking, but they were not joking. They’d be like ‘hey … we really hate you’…. you could tell they were just like ‘we wish we could be in that position with him.’ Not literally. I don’t know, maybe literally.’

But Anna was glad that Daniel was able to bring in a younger enthusiastic audience into the theatre. Anna’s dream role is to play Blanche in a “Streetcar Named Desire” theatre production, a character who ironically enough has some similarities to her role as Sarah Newlin on True Blood.  She states,

“They’re both these Southern women who have this idea of what it means to be a Southern belle. And sort of, revolting against that but feeling confined by that”

In the Fellowship of the Sun story arc on True Blood, Sarah is depicted as a strong southern woman who has decidedly chosen to be the woman behind the man. As the season progresses, however, Sarah seems to resent being shut out of her husband Steve’s actions and choices. Anna says,

“I would love to see her totally break away from the Fellowship of the Sun or take over the Fellowship of the Sun. You know, and really see what she can do, because I think now that she feels betrayed by Jason and her husband – because her husband didn’t give her all the information about the war and everything – I think she could really take over and go crazy. (Laughs) Or I would like to see her really lose all faith in God and go searching for her own path, and find her own world, and really hit bottom before she can rise up out of it again. So I think there’s great potential for the character, I hope that the writers think so too.”

Sarah becomes a more multi-layered character as the season progresses, and she begins to see characteristics in Jason – charismatic, athletic, sincere in words and actions – as a more worthy person of her power and affection than her husband. Anna says,

“They did say that through watching what I was doing with each episode, they began to make it more real and make her really believe that she was lost and needed to find love again and she was doubting everything that she had known for the past ten years, being with her husband. I think they did a good job of showing that Sarah is not just this spiteful power-hungry woman but she’s definitely hurt and lost and looking for answers.

In the infamous barbeque season, where Jason fantasizes about Sarah, the directors gave Anna carte blanche to adlib in the scene, Anna says:

“It was crazy and it was all improv, I improv’ed all of that! So the director Michael Raymond that day and Alan Ball wrote that episode, all it said in the script was Sarah licks barbeque off her finger, that’s it! And they said they wanted me to … they had the music blaring and they were like ‘just dance.’ We did it a couple of times and then they were like ‘we’re going to make it like his fantasy, so just go all out! Go go go, go farther then you think you’d ever go.’ And I was like ‘really?!’ There’s a lot of stuff they didn’t use that I was just like laughing and breaking up I’m sure, because it was definitely a funny fun way over the top scene to shoot. I’m happy that they picked out a couple of moments I didn’t even know they were going to use.”

As to whether the Newlins have a role in next season, Anna had this to say,

“Well I can’t really say, but I think it would be crazy if we didn’t come back because the Fellowship is such a strong group. If we just sort of vanished and our whole cause was just sort of done and gone I don’t think that would make much sense. I’d like to see us come back, and I think it would make sense to have us come back. We could either tie it up or we could be fighting the vampires. The vampires need to have that force to be fighting against, to live in society and be fighting against something besides other supernaturals…it’s part of the show I think, that sort of balance.”

just wrapped up filming a role for “Forgetting the Girl”, a psychological thriller about a head shot photographer and women who turn up missing. Anna also has a spot on “The Office” playing Pam’s sister, and had a role in the season finale for “Glee”.

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