How to Make Season 4 Not Suck

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Waiting Sucks, But Will Season 4?

True Blood Season 4 poster-redAccording to Adam Wright from, there are six key points our fave show, HBO‘s True Blood, should focus on in order to NOT suck this season:

Bring back “Season One” Tara.

Poor Tara, she’s had a rough few seasons hasn’t she? She went from the quick-witted best friend who we loved to see give people a good tongue-lashing, to a mind-controlled puppet in Season Two, and a frightened victim who pretty much breaks down in Season Three.

We have to agree.  Although Rutina did an incredible job and the role was intense, Tara is the human female role model in this show. We need someone to stand up and be proud for us!

More Jessica!

There’s no one on the show more underutilized than Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica. Last season she was pretty much wasted in a break-up storyline that lead to them getting back together. Oh, and she has to deal with crazy Mama Hoyt.

We here at LOVE us some Jessica too! What a talented actress Deborah is and that Jessica and Hoyt love story is all that gets us through some of the horrible things that happen on True Blood!

Focus on the core.

Sookie, Bill, and Eric. They are the core of the series.

The problem with Season Three (again) was that there were too many storylines that took away from the core. agrees with this sentiment too. The question is, how do they focus on all the great actors and characters we love and still focus on the core? I sure wouldn’t want to see less of Sam or Lafayette! And we’re looking forward to more Joe Manganiello too. But in our hearts, the Sookie and Bill love story was what made us want to watch this show, over and over and over. We understand the story line is going to evolve. But we hope not to see a pathetic, sad Bill moping around. Maybe Evil Bill will be enough for Bill lovers. Time will tell.

And before you Eric lovers get on us, we appreciate a tall blond Viking now and then too. Pam and Eric are some of the greatest sexy, scary comedy out there. In fact, we’re excited to hear we’ll be seeing more of Pam this season. Can’t wait!

Maybe the answer is we don’t need a lot of new characters any more. We realize the season is almost in the can, but we don’t see how True Blood can add even more characters next year and still do the characters we love justice. In the books is one thing, there were hundreds of pages to deal with all the charcters, but there’s only 12 episodes per year of True Blood, hardly enough time to tell a decent story as it is. That’s just our two cents.

Be sure to pop over to TVDoneWright for the rest of his great analysis! He’s got more to say and it’s interesting and insightful. And just remember, the wait is almost over!

Source: TVDoneWright – True Blood – 6 Ways to Make Season 4 NOT Suck

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  • Jaxx

    Hi Sheila and Diana.  I would love to discuss every episode.  I’m hoping someone does the recap after every episode like we did the last 3 years. 

    I truly loved both episodes so far.  Alan Ball has stated in numerous interviews I’ve read that he is going to stick to book 4 for the most part.  So far, so good and I even like the twist with King Bill since he was almost absent for book 4.  I don’t really mind the deviations as long as the story I read is in there somewhere.  More Laf, great.  More Jess, great.  I think this will be the best season yet.

    • Hi Jaxx!  Keep an eye out for a review/recap of episode one.  We may be doing this the whole season, I’m not sure yet.  But there will definitely be recaps of the soundtrack for every episode.  By the way, I love when directors & writers stick to the books, but I don’t mind deviations either, so I agree with you there.  A fellow writer, Rachel, reminded me why that happened to Jason.  I had completely forgotten about that part!  Silly.

  • Okay, now that we have seen the first installment of S4, I know some of my fellow trubies have a few words to say about last night.  I personally loved the end, That was done with true Eric flair.  I loved it!  Anybody wanna discuss events…..

    • Hi, Sheila!  The end didn’t bother me, that’s just Eric.  I know one person who thought it was “disgusting!”, though.  What did shock me however, was poor Jason at the end!  What in the world??  And I did not see the whole Bill as king thing coming, either.  Wow.

    • Hi, Sheila!  The end didn’t bother me, that’s just Eric.  I know one person who thought it was “disgusting!”, though.  What did shock me however, was poor Jason at the end!  What in the world??  And I did not see the whole Bill as king thing coming, either.  Wow.

  • the whole fairy thing is what made me wana start 2 watch the show, even though its not solid to da book it still has open my mind 2 what it would look like and i think tha counts alot. side stories and all they are still making money and we are all still watching….. and waiting. lol

  • this is only 2 eliborate on a few things i learned while searching on da net, so now we understand wha dat stuff really was made of which they were forcing everyone 2 eat. she is a real creature, who obtains a great power of controling others. this stuff jus doesnt come from nowhere, which makes it so awesum

  • The story of Queen Mab was very well known in Shakespeare’s time. She was identified as the bringer of dreams in many pieces of literature. Authors were also very detailed with her physical descriptions. She traveled by a wagon drawn by tiny creatures as described in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This wagon was made out of objects only

  • Anonymous

    I’m already worried that they’re ruining this season: the Fae world previews are looking WAY too hokey (like Lord of the Rings wannabes). I’m all for new renditions of the books, but this is NOwhere in the books! And, according to the episode summaries, Amnesia Eric doesn’t even come in until like episode 4 or 5! In the books, it’s the first major storyline and sets the tone for the whole book!

    I agree about the side stories taking too much time in the seasons, and the suggestion for MORE episodes per season is dead on.

    Alan Ball made a comment that if he’s going to try to cover all 13 books, he’s gonna have to start combining the books into like 2-3 books per season. He said he can’t dominate the actors’ careers much longer, when many of them are soaring in the movie industry and even on stage. Their popularity will soon be too big for the HBO show, and it isn’t fair to ask them to stay on too long. This same thing started to happen with Six Feet Under….the actors’ careers took off and they couldn’t handle the double-lives.

    Here’s hoping they stick to the main characters and enhance them with Alan Ball’s flair. 🙂

  • Dee

    What bothered me the most regarding the last two seasons of True Blood was that there were too many characters being added, and it seems like even more are being dumped on for season four, although some of them are necessary as the season is based on book four. I read once that Alan Ball created this show for the fans, but I also wonder whether or not he and the producers are overdoing it it terms of the main story line, sex scenes, and casting, especially now since I’ve read that they’re planning to up the sex scenes this season. Sometimes less is more and that was what I loved about season one: having a main plot, decent amount of violence, while adding characters that people have come to know and love without having to go over the top extreme. 

    Take a lesson from Joss Whedon: he didn’t have to add anything excessive in order to make Buffy the Vampire Slayer the phenomenon it had become. 

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