Incredible Video Painting of True Blood’s Eric Northman

July 26, 2009 by  

eric-in-process1Tiia Ohman is an incredible artist in Finland who has produced a video showing her create a beautiful Eric Northman painting electronically.

She also runs unikissa a site that is sure to please both photography and art fans.  Her style, when not doing sepia portraiture, is bold coloration and flowing  curves caressing very emotionally expressive faces that are often lugubrious or piquant with a touch of whimsey.  Her kitties are especially adorable but many of her works have a sprinkling of animals in them.  [Editor’s Note:  I found this one to be especially heart touching Girl with Swan.]

I only wish that the works were titled (or at least, that I could read the titles!) as that would give even more insite as to the momment being captured in art.  Be sure to check out her website for more wonderful work (she loves the series House, one can see!)

Here is the video of her speedpainting Eric‘s portrait. Enjoy!:

And, the artist has done a second rendering of Eric!  Enjoy!

(Art Credits: Tiia Ohman)