Inside Fashion Secrets from True Blood’s Cast and Crew

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Whether you’re a female fan swooning over anyone of the gorgeous men from Bon Temps, with or without a beating heart, or a guy who secretly wishes one of the sweet wholesome girls from Bon Temps were your neighbor, have you ever caught yourself thinking “ooh, cute outfit”? I am guilty on a few occasions, since shopping is a slight weakness of mine, and who doesn’t love an adorable sundress or cardigan? I even hunted down a cute pair of plaid shorts because Sookie looked so cute when she wore them with a simple white tank and denim jacket. Ever since I saw Jessica in that adorable yellow sundress I have been on a shopping mission.  I feel the more the sundresses the better, but where can I find them? Joyann King from “W” magazine sat with Deborah Ann Woll, who plays the sweet, and sometimes-mischievous Jessica, to get the inside scoop on the wardrobe, drum roll please: Wal-Mart! Yes! Finally a store that is perfect for all of us who like to look adorable and chic but also work off a budget, like myself. The shows stylist, Audrey Fisher, feels the characters would not be as convincing with down home southern ladies from Louisiana dressed from head to toe in designer duds, and I agree! Perhaps that is why we are drawn to the fashion of the show, it is accessible to everyone. Fisher’s trick to making each outfit suit the actor or actress is to tailor the clothes to fit their body type.  Another wardrobe piece which generated a lot of buzz the morning after Season 2, Episode 4, “Shake and Fingerpop”, was the cardigan Sookie was wearing as she descended the steps of Anubis Air’s aircraft. That cardigan was from “Forever 21”.  You may remember Bill shopping in “Forever 21” for Jessica and running into Eric?  Perhaps Bill thought that cardigan was simply charming and brought Sookie home a little gift as well? If you are lucky, you may still be able to find it on their website,, for a mere $25.00.

jessica_and_hoytOf course, this article would not be complete without mentioning Eric Northman’s style, as well as the necklace he is always seen wearing, which has become a central point to his casual wardrobe in Season 2. During the first season when Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made his appearance he was dressed in black from head to toe which I think added to his demeanor and the mystique that surrounded his character. He was dark and intimidating, exuding confidence.  With Season Two’s premiere, Eric dropped the leather and has gone for a more laid back, everyday style with his jogging suits and flip flops.  They just magnify Eric’s confidence and arrogance and make him the classic, quintessential bad boy! He seems more approachable, and perhaps even like the guy next door (I can dream)! Yet we can’t forget that even in his track suit he is still capable of ripping your arm off if he is provoked. Yet he still looks sexy  in a racer-back tank, track pants and flip flops. The necklace that Eric is always wearing, with his tracksuit zipper ever so slightly down, is from a very talented jeweler named Pamela Love. Jessica Iredale of W magazine sat with the designer to ask her what she thought the fascination was with her pieces.

You use a lot of claws and bones and bird skulls in your jewelry. What’s the appeal?

“I never liked jewelry growing up. My mom was very feminine woman and she wore hearts and pink stones, but I was always sort of a tomboy. For me, the appeal is being able to wear jewelry but not have it be prissy”

Why do you think that other people are so into it right now?

I think fashion is definitely going through a very tough phase. The popularity of Alexander Wang and Rodarte really show that there’s more a more gothic or rock and roll, more morbid sort of curiosity in fashion right now. I think that translates into jewelry as well.

Speaking of tough, one of your pieces has been a regular on HBO’s “True Blood”, this season.

Yeah. One of the costume designers bought it at retail and put it on one of the vampires (Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard). I guess it became a really focal thing. When I finally saw season two, I was like, “Wow, he’s always wearing it!” And he’s always in that weird track outfit wearing the claw, which is totally strange. I think he’s the hottest guy ever.”

And you’ve since been working with HBO?

The costume designer contacted us and was like, “ We want more jewelry for next season.” Then the marketing department contacted us and said, “The necklace is really focal. We want to see it on (”. They’ve sold out, like, three times. Now we’re getting a lot of interest from different vampire type things. The vampire trend is really weird, but “True Blood” is the only one that I actually think is cool.

I couldn’t agree with Pamela more that Eric does make that tracksuit and necklace combination completely hot and sexy and has truly grown into his own unique style. Another unique piece of jewelry is the “True Blood” fang pendant, that I love.  It is made by Stephen Einhorn and can be found at The pendant was made for both the cast and crew and both Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are fans of the pendant and own one. The pendant is made of sterling silver shaped into fangs which form a heart.  It is truly unique and I admire it. It would be a great accessory in my jewelry box or worn for a night out along with Pamela Love’s piece. [Editor’s note:  A special thank you to our dear reader, Sherry for contacting Stephen Einhorn and finding out that the price for the fang pendant is 137 British pounds plus 10.95 British pounds for shipping.  Depending on the exchange rate for the day it can range around $242 U.S.].  You can find Pamela’s pendant at, while supplies last and inquire on Stephen Einhorn’s site in regard to purchasing the fang pendant if your heart desires!

I think the characters look chic each week and I do find myself wondering where, or how, I can get that look. I am so glad to know that almost everything worn on the show is affordable and easily accessible thanks to Deborah Ann Woll letting us in on a few fashion secrets. And thanks to Pamela Love for sitting with “W” magazine’s Jessica Iredale and sharing her artistic insights and where we can find the gorgeous necklace Eric wears.


(Picture Source: HBO)