The Inside True Blood Blog Dishes on the Ropes

March 12, 2011 by  

Despite Technology True Blood Still Uses Ropes on Set:

Ropes on the set of True BloodGianna Sobol, assistant to True Blood creator Alan Ball, has given us another peek at behind the scenes.  She’s posted a picture on the new blog, Inside True Blood, to show that despite new technology, True Blood still uses old technology as well.  The photo shows several of the ropes that are used in production for Sookie’s bedroom and bathroom.  Too bad we don’t know exactly what they do!  It would be interesting to find out.  Here’s what Sobol has to say:

“Despite all the high-tech stuff that goes into each episode of the show, some things are still done the old fashioned way…”

Thanks for all the sneak peeks, Gianna!  They make the excruciating wait a bit more bearable.  Do you feel that way, Truebies?

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