Inside True Blood Season 4: Paley Fest 2011

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With the True Blood panel of Paley Fest 2011 coming up fast, Inside True Blood Blog shared a little about what fans who attend the event will hear as well as giving one True Blood star’s perspective about PaleyFest.

For fans lucky enough to have tickets for Paley’s True Blood panel, there will be sixteen cast members as well as Alan Ball in attendance at the panel to share secrets about the upcoming Season 4. The stars will share some information that Truebies have been dying for, even though lots will still be kept a surprise for when the new season begins this summer.

Kristin Bauer van Straten shared that she’s worried about what to wear to Paley and that she hopes she won’t say anything dumb during the panel, though she’s also excited to get together with the whole cast to celebrate True Blood. Kristin also said,

“I’ve heard it’s rare that a show is asked back [to Paley] twice.  And I love when we get the whole cast together. It’s always fun at our table reads, but with this panel, it’s amazing and different to see the fans and hear their reactions. When we’re on set, it’s like we’re in a little Petri dish.  It’s fun to get out there and see how it lands.”

Paley Fest’s True Blood panel is going to be amazing! If you can’t attend, HBO will be live tweeting the event.

Shanea and I are very thrilled and feel quite privileged to be attending Paley Fest ’11, and we look forward to sharing the details with everyone here on TrueBloodNet!

SOURCE: Inside True Blood Blog

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