Interview with Andrew Paquin about his Film “Open House”

May 5, 2010 by  

Andrew Paquin was interviewed at the Tribeca Film Festival about a new movie he directed, “Open House.” His movie is a suspense about a woman who is trying to sell her home and hosts an open house when a killer slips in, holding her and the other house guests hostage with the help of his female partner. Andrew’s sister, Anna Paquin, and her fiance, Stephen Moyer — stars of HBO’s “True Blood” — also appear in the film.

The interviewer asks Andrew about coming to the Tribeca Film Festival as a director, since he is more experienced in serving as a producer.  Andrew talks about how much more personal this visit is, since it really has his creativity on display.

Open House” was shot in his home and Andrew comments about how his house was trashed during the making of the film. No worries though; it’s all clean now! He discusses two of the main characters, David and Lila, who are played by Brian Geraghty and Tricia Helfer, in detail. David and Lila are the murderers who attack the house guests. The relationship between David and Lila will have an impact on viewers who can relate to having bad or challenging things happen in their own lives.

Andrew was asked about what it was like directing so many talented actors, including his sister and future brother-in-law. One sexual scene features Stephen Moyer, but not Anna Paquin. When asked how he was able to shoot that scene, Andrew said,

“They weren’t on set …  They didn’t share any scenes, Anna and Steve.  But we were lucky to have them in our film because they were actually shooting “True Blood” at the same time.  So, Steve was kind enough to be in the movie and that was really the only role that made sense for him to play… there’s also not that many parts in the movie. It’s a fairly small cast. So, you know, it’s just, it’s acting, isn’t it? “

Andrew also gave some great advice about being really be aware of who your audience is. He states that so many decisions are narrowed down by thinking about who is going to watch, buy and talk about the movie. The interview ended when the reporter congratulated Andrew on his new role — being a parent. When asked what was more challenging,  the role of a father or fathering a film, Andrew said,

“Well, my science is a little shaky, but the actual fathering process is not that tricky (Laughing).  I think the parenting … I’m sure, the parenting process is probably as challenging, if not more so, I would imagine, but I’m fairly new to that.”


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Edited by: April Lollar  & Jenny Ortiz