Is True Blood the Twilight for Adults?

June 30, 2009 by  

twilight-truebloodClevver TV has a video on the True Blood Season 2 Preview.  They  mention the huge gain in HBO subscriptions than any other show on the cable channel other than Sopranos.  No spoilers on the video, but they mention what we have forward to look for this season which is Bill and Sookie,  Dallas and the mysterious Maryann.

They also asked,  Is True Blood the Twilight for Adults? Post your comments below.  This is a question that appears many of you have a lot of True Blood fans have a huge debate on lately..

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  • shiver

    Why people still compare true blood vs twilight? true blood is for adults and twilight is for young adults. they targeting different groups of audience.

  • I watched Twilight…it was a pretty good movie. Then I rented True Blood on netflix (no HBO) OMG… no’s True Blood all the way! I just bought the first season….and no, I’m not obsessed with the show…just because, I want to change my name to Sookie…there ya go…

  • Nia

    I wish everyone would stop trying to compare Twilight with True Blood. They are both wonderful in their own way. They are somewhat the same and at the same time very different. I applaud their differences. We can enjoy both for what they are. I am an adult a True Blood fan through and through. That doesn’t mean I hate Twilight. I have seen the movie and am promising myself I will read the books. I have read all the Sookie novels. So everyone just sit back and enjoy this amazing entertainmanet and be grateful that it is out there for us to enjoy. God bless Alan Ball and HBO!

    • Melissa

      People really need to read the Twilight books, they are much better than the movie. I am an adult with 2 young children, however, I love the twilight books! Yes, it is not the traditional vampire saga, but the romance and love triangle are incredible. I just started watching True Blood, great so far, but definately an adult show. Both are great, both have their place; can’t we love both!!

  • Angela

    I honestly don’t think they are even in the same ballpark. Twilight in no way lives up to True Blood or the Charlaine Harris novels. While they both have there charm, Twilight lacks in keeping what people know of as vampires. True Blood is for adults, but Twilight should never be compare to it.

    • i’m only 17, yeah i’m a teenager. and i watch true blood every sunday night. it can be graphic sometimes. but true blood isn’t just for adults and twilight isn’t just for teens. both are really great and have something about it that makes you crawl back for more and watch or read it over and over again. so i think if you believe you are old enough and mature enough to watch true blood you should. you can’t just say that this show belongs to adults. i love it. i’m a huge fan. i cant wait until sunday so i can see what else is gonna happen between jessica and hoyt =]

  • lemor davidovici

    true blood is more for adults because the scenes are more too intense there are some parts in the tv show that might scare the teens & the kids but watching twilight the movie is ok it’s for all ages.

  • Rebecca

    I love True Blood,its my vampire fix for the week.Twilight is childs play to me.Vampires are sexy,dark,and so much more. They don’t glitter.Glitter,I cant get past the glitter.

  • Jackie

    I like them both actually. Each has their own individual charm, BUT Twilight is definitely the G version of True Blood.