First Look at Issue #2 of True Blood Comic Book

May 16, 2010 by  

Just days after the preview for the first issue of the True Blood comic series coming out this July, IDW Publishing has released the cover art for Issue #2. David Messina, the artist for the books, has one cover featuring Sam as both a human and a dog in front of Merlotte’s. The variant cover, drawn by J. Scott Campbell, shows Sookie suspended in midair between Eric and Bill, both with fangs out looking ready to fight!

Both of these covers are incredible, and have us very excited for the True Blood comic books! Do you feel the same way about them?


(Photo credits: David Messina & J. Scott Campbell / IDW)

  • Antonio

    Not to mention… That cover with Sookie floating between Bill and Eric with fangs exposed? Unbelievably SEXY!!
    Pass the icewater!! LOL 🙂

  • Antonio

    I think that HBO Definitely knows How to keep its TB fans satisfied! Minisodes,behind the scenes clips, a Comic book series~~~Which I think is freakin’ awesome BTW) S2 dvd sometime next week Can You Believe It??! I wish that I could attend the premiere and subsequent party in Hollywood somewhere!! Cant wait to get my fix V addiction continues in 26 DAYS!! GO Team TB! Go HBO! GO Cast and crew!

  • I wanna know how on earth to get to be involved in the casting calls $ this very show. also, why is any of my anwsers I gave for the contest now showed up? does anyone know what the HBO contest is that was announced on facebook?

    • To get involved with the casting calls, you need to be an actor with an agent. HBO is in charge of casting calls.

      The answers for the contest are sent to the site, and those involved in choosing the winner get them.

      The HBO contest on Facebook is for the Ultimate Truebie event, and we’ve posted an article here with more information about it here.