Jace Everett Amore Magazine Interview

August 25, 2009 by  

jace-everettJace Everett is the singer/songwriter of the hit theme song entitled “Bad Things” for HBO’s “True Blood.”  Jace was originally signed to Sony Records but his debut album didn’t top the charts or do well in sales and as a result, he was dropped from the label.  What makes that part of the story even worse is that just before being dropped, he pitched a song to the label that he co-wrote entitled “Your Man.”  It is now a number one country song for Josh Turner. Hope was not lost though.  A song from Jace‘s debut album found it’s way into Alan Ball‘s — the creator of “True Blood” — iTunes play list. That song happened to be “Bad Things.” Alan Ball decided to call Jace seeking rights to the song to be played as “True Blood‘s” opening theme.  As fans of the show became curious about the voice behind the show’s theme song they sought out Jace.  Now Jace is bringing to his fans a new album entitled “Red Revelations.”

Fame is just catching up with Jace.  He tells Amore Magazine that he is okay with that.  He says:

“As long as I sell enough copies of this album (“Red Revelations”) to be able to make another one, I will be happy. Oh yeah, that, and a cameo in HBO’s “True Blood” wouldn’t be so bad either.”

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SOURCE: amoremagazine.typepad.com

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