Jace Everett Talks with the BBC about “Bad Things”

December 15, 2009 by  

Jace-EverettJace Everett, who created the awesome True Blood theme song, “Bad Things”, recently sat down with the BBC’s David White for an interview. Before the interview begins you get treated to a sample of Jace Everett performing his new song, “More to Life”. At the start of the interview Jace talks about how he wrote the song “Bad Things” in 2003 and it wasn’t released until 2005 and went quite unnoticed. Jace also discusses why he left his production company, Roots, and has now started his own record label and is producing and publishing his own music. We also get the whole story on how Jace found out “Bad Things” was going to be used for True Blood. Jace explains that his church upbringing and his travels have greatly influenced his music.

“The church is where I learned about music, played bass and did my first real public singing, and where the girls thought I was really cool. I’ve always been attracted to emotionally and spiritually mature themes – philosophically and musically. I was a father at 23, I’ve been in every job in the world; I’ve been a preacher, a traveling musician, truck driver. I had adult responsibilities early in life, so I wasn’t attracted to ‘let’s party’ music.”

Jace also talks about musicians he loves and who have greatly influenced his music and his style.

“I love the way Willie Nelson never sings on the beat. And Ray Charles can do something with a note, just one: there’s so much pain and love and sexuality. I took something from everyone I liked. I love Willie and Waylon; late-model Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Roger Miller, for their directness of lyric, and the common-day things and people in their songs.”

During the interview you get the pleasure of hearing “Bad Things” and another one of Jace’s songs, “Little Black Dress”. One thing you will get from this interview is a lot of laughs. Jace has an incredible sense of humor and this interview was extremely entertaining. To listen to the interview you can click here. Enjoy!


Photo Credit:  JaceEverett.com)