How Jace Everett Got His Blues On

June 5, 2010 by  

As Jace Everett wryly notes on his Twitter Bio most people know him as that “True Blood guy”: the guy that sings the dark, sexy song Bad Things under the opening credits of HBO’s True Blood. Listen to his new album Red Revelations and you’ll soon realize that there is a thread of dark moodiness throughout his work incorporating, as it does, themes of intelligence, power, energy, spirituality, sex. So where did the darkness come from?

Jace recently spoke with Yong Lee of Celebrity Café about what has influenced his music and as you’ll see he is not afraid of calling a spade a spade.

Jace emphasizes that the comment on Twitter was tongue-in-cheek -well, he actually says: “I was just being a prick” – and that he extremely grateful for the celebrity status that being associated with the hit show has brought him.

He says about True Blood:

I am a fan. I thought the intro was awesome: it was ridiculous and sexy and fun. I liked it.

His early musical influences growing up in the “diamond buckle” of the evangelical Bible belt in Texas included Elvis, Waylon Jennings and Willy Nelson, but his musical tastes are broad, demonstrated by his current favorites The Roots (Hip Hop/Soul/Funk) and Chuck Prophet (who produced Red Revelations).

Of his musical style he explains that:

I don’t like anything that’s too pure. I think it’s the American way, to bastardize things. So I like to do that with my music, take a little from everything.

His first single was pure country, but it wasn’t one of his own compositions. He explains that the producers had the idea he’d be country music’s next big thing, but it wasn’t to be. Not that he regrets the album at all.

I’m not ashamed of any of it, but it’s a younger, less mature time. I’d never been me yet, but then I moved up to Nashville, went through a divorce, got f’d up in the head a little, tried to figure things out. That’s what lead me to where I am now.

Jace jokes that he started playing the guitar to pick up chicks, but is now a more serious sort of guy, not into the rock and roll lifestyle:

You know, I don’t like bullshit, I don’t like wild parties. To me, I’d rather stay home and read Kierkegaard than go to a frat party. That’s more fun.

And does he have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Yeah, don’t do it! If you’re compelled to do it, and you sincerely want to make music, then go for it. Just know that you’re going to have to work very, very hard. But if you’re doing it to become a star, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. You’ve really got to check your motivations.

Jace is in the middle of a long tour that has taken him to Europe, England and Ireland and now back to the States. Following the tour Jace will be back in the studio in August. The new album will be a on the same theme as Red Revelations, but “something heavier, closer to the bone.”

Jace Everett Tour Dates:
June 5: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
June 11: Exit/In, Nashville, TN
June 15: The Cedar, Minneapolis, MN
June 17: Englert Theater, Iowa City, IA
June 18: The Blue Shop, Burlington, IA
June 19: Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
June 22: Martyrs, Chicago, IL
June 24: Nathan P. Murphy’s, Springfield, MO
July 22: Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series, Santa Monica, CA

Jace had a lot to say in the interview, so please go to to read the rest of the interview!


(Image Credit: The Celebrity Cafe)