Jace Everett’s Four-Legged Music Partner

June 18, 2010 by  

Recently People Pets caught up with Jace Everett in his home/musicstudio with his Schnauzer-Welsh terrier mix Teddy, who Jace rescued from a hoarder. Jace is known for singing the hit theme song “Bad Things” for HBO‘s series True Blood. However, did you know that Teddy is also musically inclined? Jace reveals:

“Every time we do a demo you can usually hear his collar being shaken and his toenails clicking on the hardwood floors.”

Jace’s dog seems to have taken an interest in music and is always attracted to a guitar being played. These two friends have been collaborating musically for over two years now.

Though Teddy loves to listen to Jace’s tunes, he doesn’t go on the road for tours, which can be hard on them both. Recently Jace has been traveling non-stop to promote his new album “Red Revelations,” which means he’s been away from his home and his dog. No need to worry though, because Jace’s son has been keeping an eye out for Teddy. The three of them regularly get in touch through Skype, though it tends to bring out the scaredy cat out of Teddy. As Jace puts it,

“He’s basically a big old coward…he startles really easily.”

Teddy gets so startled that even a Chinese lantern swaying can spook him out. Not to fear, Jace was there to save the day and show Teddy there’s nothing to be afraid of. With Jace around, it’s good to know this dog won’t have to worry about bad things happening to him.

SOURCE: peoplepets.com

(Photo Credit: HBO)