Jace Everett Talks About His New Album

June 19, 2010 by  

Want something to be a hit or a trend? Get a vampire to endorse it. This is exactly the kind of marketing that made Jace Everett’s song “Bad Things” such a hit. Back in 2006, “Bad Things” hadn’t even been considered as a single music producers wanted to push because it wasn’t considered radio-friendly. However, even with the more contemporary country song “That’s the Kind of Love I’m In” on the radio, Everett’s career seemed like it was at a stalemate. That is until Alan Ball found “Bad Things” and introduced it to a little vampire show with a big bite: True Blood. Everett insists:

“It’s embarrassingly simple…Alan Ball is an iTunes junkie. He discovered the song, and I won the lottery.”

Though it’s more than that. The growl in Everett’s voice matched up perfectly with the opening images of True Blood, which suggested sexuality and religious fervor all into one. The song itself is lyrically and audibly heavy with Everett’s experiences and the dues he’s had to pay as a musician. Over the years Everett has had a number of awful jobs from digging ditches to cleaning bricks. Through it all, music was a constant for him, especially in church.

Nowadays, Everett is creating music that he is creatively behind and like “Bad Things” all of his songs are  full of dark brooding songs that match his molasses like voice. With the help of his band-mates and producers Dan Cohen and Chuck Prophet, Everett has been able to create an album that is too roots rock and dangerous to be radio-friendly. His first album, self-titled, was the opposite and was an album his music label pushed, rather than what was creatively inspiring for Everett. With “Red Revelations,” however, Everett has created an album he is proud of.

Every song in this new album is about taking the normal and throwing it on its head. Cliches are rearranged. Characters that seem to be passive, like in the song “Possession,” have different things on their mind. For Everett, the songs are about the characters. As he puts it:

“I like to think this album features a collection of screwed-up and untrustworthy guys…I think they’re the most riveting characters.”

Right now, Everett is concentrating on touring. He hopes that fans who love “Bad Things” will also fall in  love with the entire album “Red Revelations.” With True Blood burning up our screens, Everett will be on our minds as well as all the bad things we can do.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)