James Frain Had Fun Playing Franklin Mott

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Franklin Mott’s Journey

James Frain as Franklin Mott The third season of True Bloodmay just be a memory for truebies here in the US but across the pond in the UK, the latest season will premiere on January 14th. In honor of the new season, Digital Spy published an interview from the Daily Record with the brilliantly funny James Frain discussing his role as the hilariously disturbing vampire Franklin Mott.

We first met Mr. Mott when he broke into Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) house searching for information on Sookie (Anna Paquin) and her origins. At first he seems like a well put together and mysterious vampire, especially to Tara (Rutina Wesley) when they meet at Merlotte’s. But unfortunately he doesn’t remain that way. Not only does he have a bad habit of gambling and killing. But he also has a poor track record with women making him both dangerous and emotionally unstable. Of Franklin’s progression Frain says:

“The journey he goes on is very dark but is also hilariously funny. Every week when I got the script I would be just laughing at the lines and enjoyed how much fun they had writing him and how they managed to take it really out-there without ever being totally absurd. He has some really great comedy scenes and some choice lines.”

Choice lines indeed! Who could forget the scene with Franklin texting on Tara’s cell phone?

James Frain on Playing Villains

Despite Franklin’s humor, playing a villain can be difficult. But James says that he actually likes playing a bad guy:

“I do enjoy playing villains, and while I have never thought of Franklin as a bad guy, he is a bad guy,” he said. “He’s got it all wrong and is working for the wrong people and thinks he is a good guy but is not. It’s good playing the bad guy but more than anything it was fun.”

It’s nice to hear that James had fun while shooting for True Blood! Although many might not agree with Franklin’s actions, the humor that came with the character brought a much welcomed lightness to the show in a very bloody fashion.

Franklin Mott may be gone but he will always be remembered as one of the best characters of season three.

Source: Digital Spy– “James Frain Loved True Blood Role”

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