James Frain in New NBC Drama The Cape

November 12, 2010 by  

James will be Playing a Supervillain

Franklin Mott was undeniably insane on True Blood before he became goo, but does that mean fans have to say goodbye to James Frain, the actor who played the lovestruck yet abnormal vampire? Not at all. NBC has made James its newest super villain in the new drama The Cape.

Recently while on the red carpet, the English actor praised the drama, which revolves around a cop who becomes a masked hero after being framed for a crime. The show is slated to air mid-season and James noted,

“It’s a superhero show and I play the supervillain…It’s not that big a stretch. No one has any real powers. It’s about cunning and skill. It’s very serious in its intent. But it’s also light in the way it’s played. It is closer to Batman in that the people don’t have powers. Supervillain equals job security as long as people like the show and we get picked up.”

James plays Peter Fleming and he remarks that the story is absolutely new; it’s not based on a comic book and it certainly isn’t revamping an old hero. The mythology is new and Tom Wheeler, the creator, has the first season already mapped out.

Although he is excited about his new role, he is still sad to see Franklin go. He remarked,

“He’s done. Dead. Gone. Once they goo you, there’s no coming back from that. Goo equals gone. I can’t tell you how many more doubletakes I get since doing that character. He was such a great character and he was the most fun to play ever but I think part of what made it so fun is that it was such a contained ride. When you’ve got someone that psycho, where is he going to go next? There’s something cool about the fact that it was like a hit and run. But I do miss him. I have started to collect memorable death scenes.”

Franklin may have been great, but fans are excited to see Peter Fleming on their televisions sets come January; James Frain will surely keep fans occupied until the fourth season of True Blood premieres.

Source: hollywoodinsider.ew.com–Scoop on NBC’s new drama ‘The Cape’ from co-star James Frain: ‘It’s closer to Batman’

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