James Frain in ‘The Cape’

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Frain to Portray Another Villain

NBC is launching a new series The Cape which will feature James Frain from HBO’s True Blood. Frain is known to True Blood fans as crazy Franklin Mott, who kidnapped Tara and was later killed by Jason Stackhouse

New Superhero Show

The Cape is about a police officer who is framed for a crime and in order to find vindication he becomes a masked hero.  Frain will be playing Chess a complex villain who will be a ‘fun loving psycho’.  The show co-stars David Lyons, Summer Glau, and Vinnie Jones.

The Cape has a 2 hour premiere January 9, 2011 and will air Monday nights on NBC.

Here are two previews for the show.  In this longer version we get more of a glimpse at the show however we do not see Frain. 

In this newest clip we get a peak at Frain’s character.

Let us know what you think – will you be checking the show out?


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