Janina Gavankar Excited to Play ‘Luna’ in Season 4 of True Blood

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Shifting From One Supe To Another:

Janina GavankarJanina Gavankar has just been cast as a series regular playing Luna, ‘a super-sexy public school teacher and shapeshifter,’ in Season 4 of HBO’s hit show True Blood.

Fans of both The L Word and The Gates will recognize this actress already. In ‘The L Word’ she played the character of Eva ‘Papi’ Torres. But the ‘V-word’ is not new to Gavankar, who played the role of a policewoman who was also a vampire in ‘The Gates.’

Recently, in a press release, Janina expressed her joy at joining a show such as True Blood:

I’m more than excited to be joining such a formidable cast and a show that has such a tremendous following. I can’t wait to share this character with audiences- it’s about to get crazier! I just received the first 2 scripts. Get ready for a wild ride.

Are you ready for the wild ride of Season 4? You bet we are!

Source: Desi Hits!– Janina Gavankar Joins Cast of ‘True Blood’

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  • L

    she also played a pregnant indian strung out chick in the cleaner. 

  • Dragonsi

    In “The Gates”, it was revealed that her last boyfriend was psychotic, and into voodoo. He removed her heart so she would never be able to leave him. But she got it back, and fled to The Gates, a private, enclosed community. She had to stay close to her heart, and kept it in a box, in a cabinet, in her house, or she would die within 12 hours.

    In one episode, she protected her boss, the police chief, and took a bullet for him in the chest, but didn’t die because her heart wasn’t in her chest, so the bullet never reached it.

    But no, she was neither Vampire nor Werewolf, the 2 main species that dominated The Gates community.

  • Francois

    Janina Gavankar did not play a vampire in The Gates – she was more like a homunculus or just cursed.