Janina Gavankar Drops Hints about True Blood’s Shape-Shifters

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Gavankar Talks Shape-Shifters and Life Before True Blood

Janina GavankarDuring an interview with Accidental Sexiness the terrifically talented Janina Gavankar (Luna) talked about True Blood and her work as a musician and an actor. She also dropped some hints about the future of shape-shifters on the HBO series.

Gavankar, recently cast as shape-shifting high school teacher Luna did not think she would be an actor. In fact, she was concentrating on her musical career before she discovered acting. While she does still sing, Janina says:

“I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve chosen acting. I make music because I have to. If I don’t, I go crazy. That’s kind of the balance, acting is the focus, music is something that just comes naturally. I do whatever is natural to me.”

You may have seen her in such shows as The L word, ABC’s The Gates, The League and Traffic Light.

Will Shape-Shifters Unite in Season Four?

We will definitely be learning more about True Blood’s shape-shifters since according to Gavankar, Sam (Sam Trammell) and Luna find a shape-shifter support group. But will something develop between Luna and Sam, the shape-shifting owner of Merlotte’s? She adores working with Sam Trammell but Gavankar plays coy:

“Luna and Sam like each other right now and that’s all I am going to say.”

Yes, she’s tight-lipped about the specifics of any relationship that might occur between her and Sam, but she also has this to say:

“I have no problem with sex scenes that move the story lines along and show the true nature of humans, as opposed to sex scenes for sex scenes. I have no problem with nudity, I don’t think there’s any problem with the human body.”

Gavankar and True Blood

Before Gavankar was cast as Luna, she hadn’t seen the HBO series. But since then she’s watched every episode and counts herself a fan.

“Now, I’m such a fan, I’m worried about, even though I know what’s happening, I’m still very worried about Lafayette, Tara is having problems, I’m very concerned about everyone even though I know where they are in the next season.”

As for the books, since the series has made some departures from author Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampires books, Gavankar has decided to put off reading them for now so that she doesn’t end up distracted by the differences between the two.

I think we’ll all be looking forward to finding out more about Sam and Luna and True Blood’s shape-shifting community!

Source: Accidental Sexiness -“True Blood newbie Janina Gavankar gives insight into Luna”

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