Jessica’s Bloodsucking Blog

August 24, 2010 by  

Jessica Hamby, True Blood, Deborah Ann WollWere you aware that baby vampire Jessica Hamby has her own blogging site?  Sometimes she posts videos and sometimes she just rambles on in text.  Just like she does in real True Blood life.

Her latest blog is titled ‘Bloodsucking: The Pros and Cons’.  Jessica listed two columns side-by-side and the Pros list is longer.

For the Pros list Jessica states that she was saved from hell (referring to her family), vampires can be a turn on for some, she can take care of herself and her man at the same time, enjoy the taste of blood, never worry about getting old and wrinkled, can stay up all night, say bad words,and having a new family: Bill, Sookie, Pam, Bon Temps.

Jessica states the down side of being a vampire is that people who don’t even know you hate you, being forever a virgin, seen as a freak of nature, having tears of blood, avoiding the sun otherwise being burnt to a crisp, and people knowing when you are turned on by having fang boners.

Jessica’s blog are always fun and enjoyable to read so check out her blog from time to time at

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