Jim Parrack of True Blood in ‘Terre Haute’

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Jim Parrack is taking a turn in ‘Terre Haute’

Jim ParrackJim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry) of True Blood is currently playing Timothy McVeigh in Edmund White’s ‘Terre Haute’ .  The play is a fictional account of what a possible meeting between Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh and writer Gore Vidal would have been like.  The LA Times caught up with Jim and his co-star Mike Farrell of M*A*S*H fame to get their take on the play with the Blank Theater Company.

Jim is clearly playing a character well out of our beloved Hoyt’s zone.  His turn as Timothy McVeigh is as far from Hoyt as can be and has been a learning experience.  When asked what he knew about the play and his character, he replied that he was aware of the events and disliked McVeigh but he began to see what he was like before he went round the twist and found some admirable qualities.

“I realized I knew almost nothing and found out there were a lot of qualities that I admired before he went off and did this horrible thing. He was big on being fair and looking after people who were getting bullied. And he was hardworking. As I did research, I have only gotten more curious. The moments I love are when I lose myself over to the big ideas that the character had. This play provokes me.”

In order to get into his character he won’t let anyone see or hear what he’s up to which made it hard for him to learn his lines.  Jim has never played a historical character before but he would like to play Santa Claus despite being fictional.  When asked what he knew of his co-stars achievements he simply said:

“Zip. I have seen “MASH,” but I didn’t put it together until my grandfather started treating me like I was something special and that I was really doing something with this acting thing now.”‘

‘Terre Haute’ is currently playing at The Blank Theater Company until November 14th.  Click here to purchase tickets.

Source:  LATimes.com – Q&A: Mike Farrell and Jim Parrack in Edmund White’s ‘Terre Haute’

(Photo Credit:  truebloodnet.com)