Joe Manganiello and Alcide Herveaux: Both Big, Bad Wolves

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True Blood’s Manganiello Shares Career Highs and Lows:

Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, talks about being a big bad wolfBeing a celebrity definitely has its perks: skipping long lines to get almost anywhere, free designer swag, steamy make-out sessions with other hot actors, and in Joe Manganiello’s case, a super-easy Halloween costume.

Manganiello, who plays hunky, brooding werewolf Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, didn’t need to think too far outside the box this year when it came to figuring out what his Halloween costume would be:

“I have the jumpsuit that I wore for half of the season this year and so I snuck it out and and wore it out… My fiancee was Little Red Riding Hood and I’m the Big Bad Wolf.”

The word ‘bad’ doesn’t really spring to mind when thinking about Manganiello’s character Alcide, however. Introduced in season 3 of the hit HBO series True Blood, Alcide Herveaux quickly proved  to be one of the ‘good guys’, though it’s apparent that living as a werewolf has been somewhat of a burden for him.

Manganiello Cast As ‘Cooter’?

Manganiello fits his sculpted 6’5″ frame into the part so perfectly, it’s hard to imagine that he originally tried out for the role of Cooter! Man are we glad Alan Ball recognized he was better matched for nice guy Alcide:

“I read first for the part of Coot…I read for him first, and then they brought me back in to read for him again after they had kind of whittled the field down and I read again and they called me that day and said you’re not going to get that part but we want you to come in and read for this other part, which was the part that I got. I went in for the third time and they gave it to me that day.”

Since graduating from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama ten years ago, Manganiello has had some great auditions that have landed him some top-notch roles (Spiderman’), but he also admits that his nerves still get the better of him before walking into any audition:

“…obviously if you really want the part you get pretty nervous. I was pretty nervous with True Blood for sure, but sometimes with those that you really want, being nervous is good cause it’s like that energy that you can channel into, y’know, a great performance.”

A few things we here at are thankful for: all you amazing Truebies who support our site, that the filming of season 4 of True Blood is underway, Joe Manganiello’s Alcide Herveaux, Joe Manganiello’s bare chest, Joe Manganiello’s insanely sexy smile, and the fact that nice guys don’t always finish last. We’re excited to see what Alcide will be getting into, and possibly taking off, this season. How about you?

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