Joe Manganiello Answers Fan Questions

June 19, 2010 by  

True Blood fans are extemely excited to see the introduction of the weres into this season of True Blood, especially Alcide. Alcide is portrayed by the talented, Joe Manganiello.  Ever since the news broke that Joe was casted for this role, fans have been trying to learn all about this gorgeous new werewolf!  Recently Joe answered some questions submitted by his fans on a fan blog site.  Here are those questions and answers:

Joe was asked if he had a theme song, what would it be? Joe answered:

“‘Only‘ by Nine Inch Nails. He put the words to how I felt inside at one of the toughest moments of my life.”

Joe supports the charity, ‘Until There’s A Cure Foundation’. This foundation supports youth -oriented awareness initiatives about HIV and AIDS. Joe was asked what motivated him to support this cause and if he was involved with any other charity organizations. Joe explains:

“Millions of people around the world are infected with HIV/AIDS. Its a very relevant and lethal disease that still to this day, has no cure. I understand people’s fear of getting themselves checked but I urge people to be responsible not just for themselves but for the safety of their present and future partners to do their part to help stop the spread of such a debilitating disease. I think the search for the cure is an unbelievably important cause. I’ve also been in talks with several animal rights groups about doing some work together due to my recent work with live animals on set.”

Joe was asked which types of music he likes and Joe responded saying he liked Nine Inch Nails, The Doors, Alice In Chains, and Linkin Park, just to name a few.  Joe was also asked if he was gypped as a kid because he has a birthday that is so close to Christmas. Joe answered saying that he had actually got a great combination of gifts throughout his childhood but that he was upset that they never sung Happy Birthday to him in his homeroom at school.

Joe was also asked if he could have any role from any movie or show, what would it be?  Joe answered:

Indiana Jones or Han Solo. I grew up wanting to be Harrison Ford’s characters. They were both these rogue-ish heroes that went on these incredible adventures. They were smart, funny, and always got the girls… everything I’ve been through from high school to college to my entire career in LA has been in hopes of playing characters like these in film.”

Joe was then asked if he thought his character, Alcide’s,  personality was similar to his own. Joe responded:

“I identify A LOT with Alcide. Alcide is this big scary looking monster but deep down he can be very shy and very sensitive. I also understand what it feels like to be a misfit, like you don’t belong and the feeling of loneliness caused by it. Also, Alcide is very strong and could misuse that power if he wanted to but he chooses not to. I grew up always being the biggest kid and learned to try not to abuse that power. Alcide is described as being very hot blooded and I have been told that my body feels like a furnace at night when I am sleeping… and we both eat a lot of meat.”

Joe was also in the feature film, “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia”.  A fan asked Joe if he wanted to do more feature films and if so what genre, action, comedy, or drama. Joe explains:

“Oh yeah! My first job out of drama school was in the film SPIDER-MAN. I got into this business initially because I wanted to work in films like the ones I loved to watch growing up… but these days shows like TRUE BLOOD are better than 99% of the movies out there. In fact its rare that I see even a handful of movies in a year that I could honestly say I like. With that said, I could not be happier with my present job on HBO… but I will say that I will not rest until I play a super-hero, fight off an alien attack and kill some zombies. But comedy is a really fun job to have… my next project is actually as the voice of an audio-book called DRAGON BONES by: Patricia Briggs.”

The last question asked Joe how the True Blood audition went and if he had to make wolf sounds at all.  Joe answered saying:

“It was in three parts and the first two were for a different werewolf part than Alcide, during which I had to start the scene coming out of a shift, so YES i did growl quite a bit at my audition. Then in the third part I switched roles and read for Alcide which was much more civilized and more about the character and his relationships to Sookie and Debbie.”

True Blood fans everywhere loves these moments where we get a more inside look into Joe Manganiello. We look forward to seeing lots of him in season 3!!


(Photo Credits: HBO Inc.)