Joe Manganiello Credits Fiancée as Good Luck Charm

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True Blood Star Talks Superstitions

Joe ManangielloYou’re not a real Truebie if you didn’t know True Blood star Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) is a huge Steelers fan, but to what does he attribute the recent win that is leading them to the Super Bowl this year? His good luck charm, of course.

While he decked himself out in a Steelers jersey, it is who was by his side that Joe believes helped his team to victory. That’s right: Reggie may have had Kim, but it’s fiancée Audra Marie who had Joe shouting in joy as the Steelers gained another win on Sunday.

Okay, Joe loves his fiancée, but she can’t really be a good luck charm, can she? Does Sookie (Anna Paquin) have fairy blood? The couple actually met in 2009 at the Super Bowl, which the Steelers also won.  Joe explains:

“She was actually down there with some of her girlfriends for some of the festivities, and we met on our way into the Commissioner’s Ball that year…Football was kind of how we met.”

Come Feb. 6 there is no doubt Joe will be howling and clawing for another Pittsburgh victory. The actor, who was introduced to fans as a werewolf in Season 3, reveals that football as well as superstition is in his blood:

“I come from a long line of very superstitious Steelers fans…It can get a little weird. My dad is a very superstitious Steelers fan, and we all have to stay in certain positions because [he’ll] make sure that you cannot move if the Steelers are winning. We care a lot, but it’s a little OCD”

There’s no doubt who the superstitious were will be watching the Superbowl with. Audra Marie, the Steelers are counting on you!

Source: People– Joe Manganiello’s Fiancée Is His Steelers Good-Luck Charm

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