Joe Manganiello in January’s Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Savor 365 Days of True Blood’s Alcide:

Joe Manganiello for Cosmo Jan 2011Be on the lookout! True Blood‘s very own Joe Manganiello was recently interviewed and featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. Even better, our favorite superhot werewolf poses shirtless for his very own pull-out calender in the magazine’s January 2011 issue!

In this latest interview, Joe shares how much he loves his job on True Blood, which he explains is like  ‘dressing up for Halloween’ each day. He goes on to dish about his character Alcide, his sexiest date ever, and who makes better lovers – vampires or werewolves.

“You know how annoying it is when someone has supercold feet in bed and they rub up against you? Vampires are like that all the time. Werewolves are hotblooded. They’re the obvious choice.”

What do you think? Are werewolves the ‘obvious choice’? Or could you get over those ‘supercold feet’? Let us know in the comment section below!

Joe Manganiello for Cosmo Jan 2011

Joe Manganiello for Cosmo Jan 2011

Be sure to pick up Cosmopolitan’s January issue to read the full interview and for your very own Joe Calender!

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