Joe Manganiello Wants to be the Man of Steel from the City of Steel

June 28, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello didn’t start out wanting to be an actor.  He played football in high school, but an injury caused him to look at the two choices the torn ligament in his knee presented to him.  On one hand, he could suck it up and do as his teammates and use steroids to continue playing for the Pittsburgh high school team.  Or he could play around with cameras and acting, which he had some curiosity about.

He was a sophomore when he made the decision to mess with cameras.  But it was the end of his senior year when he finally got to perform in front of his former football teammates and coaches.

“There was a sea of letterman jackets in the crowd, which was kind of unheard of.  It was all of my old football buddies that had come to check me out and also my old linebacker coach [who had] picked on me for years because I wasn’t playing football.”

Pittsburgh, PA is known at the City of Steel and men there emulate that nickname.  In an interview with AccessHollywood, Joe confessed he was afraid his former coach would make fun of him.  Instead, he told Joe, “I thought you were really great.  I was wrong about you.”

After getting his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Joe went to Hollywood and started working in various movies and TV shows.  But his new role as a werewolf on True Blood feels like he finally got a break.  He attributes this feeling to the popularity of Charlaine Harris‘ books, on which True Blood is based, and that the character Alcide already had a fan base.

For his debut appearance last night, Joe flew his parents to southern California  from Pittsburgh.  Having planned a private premiere, Joe mentioned concern about being made fun of – not for his acting, but for his nudity. AccessHollywood predicts that Alcide may become “True Blood‘s most clothes-free man”.

When asked about what he wants for his future, Joe reiterated something he has said in other interviews.  He wants the role of Superman.

“I’m from Pittsburgh so the Man of Steel — it’s the City of Steel, so that would go a long way back home,” Joe said of his dream of wearing Superman’s red cape.”

But for now, will we see him howl at the moon?  Watch Season 3, Sunday nights on HBO.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • Antonio

    Man of Steel? I think he already nailed that one! Joe Doesn’t Need to don the cape of Superman,For he Is quite a super guy!
    What makes a person “super” is Not what they wear or how they look or even how they are built But Who They Are and What they are passionate about….What is important to them!
    I like his character already and he’s only just been introduced!
    I really feel that he will give Eric and the others a “run for their money”! In Bill’s absence,I feel that the Eric-Sookie-Alcide dynamic will heat up and generate quite a fire!
    Sookie loves Bill But that doesnt mean that others cannot be attracted To her! I believe that Both Eric and Alcide will be drawn to her in their own way.
    Anyway, Best of Luck to Joe and To All the new S3 cast!!
    Best Wishes Joe Im sure you will do the TB team Proud!!