Joe Manganiello: The Monster He Always Wanted To Be

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The Begging has Stopped

Joe Manganiello True Blood Alcide

Joe Manganiello had a recent appearance at Coconut Creek Casino and took the opportunity to talk with Glamazon about his life now that he plays the werewolf that heats up all our blood, Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s True Blood.

Joe had this to say when asked the standard “how has your life changed” question:

“It’s changed in just about every way imaginable. It’s really great as an artist to get recognized for your work. Being on the hottest show on television and one of the greatest shows ever made, I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of fans that love the show and love my character. There’s opportunities for travel that I never had before. I just got to go to Europe for the first time. For somebody who has worked in the business for over 10 years and been through the ups and downs that I have, to find the right part at the right time is incredible. I’ve had to beg people to watch a lot of the stuff I’ve done and I don’t have to beg anybody to watch this.”

Odd Encounters with Fans

Fans have done many things to get Joe’s attention and he let us in on a few of them:

There have been some odd encounters. A woman asked me to lick her because she believed wolf saliva heals wounds. There was a FedEx guy who jumped out of his truck to get a picture with me. I was just in Rome at the Vatican. I was in the Sistine Chapel and you’re not supposed to talk or take pictures there and this couple came up to me in full voice asking me to take a picture with them right in the middle of it. I was at the Coliseum and got recognized. It’s amazing how far the show reaches. ‘True Blood’ fans are everywhere.”

Monsters in the Closet

Joe explains how his love for monsters as a child has come to fruition as an adult:

“I loved monsters growing up and I would pray they would come out of my closet. I would ask them to. My mother would leave my bedroom door cracked open for the light to come in when I was really little and I would always yell at her to close the door because I wanted it dark. I wanted the monsters to come in. So now I am one and I couldn’t be happier.”

Working with a Seasoned Werewolf

Would you be surprised to find out that, Anna Paquin, our favorite fairy waitress Sookie Stackhouse, shares a werewolf history with Joe? When asked what it was like to work with Anna, Joe gives us a mini IMBD biography on her:

“I was a big fan of Anna’s work beforehand. I was a big comic book nerd growing up. I read all the X-men comics. I was a big fan of her work in The Piano. I thought she was fantastic. I was also a fan of the movie Trick ‘r Treat, in which Anna played a werewolf. Getting to work with her is great and she’s one of those people who’s more impressive than you even thought.”

The Eternal Question

What interview with a person in a show about creatures of the supernatural would be complete without the women and werewolves or vampires question? I have to say, Joe’s reply is one of the best ones I have heard:

“Everybody’s slept under the covers with somebody who had cold feet and when you feel those cold feet up against your legs, it makes you almost jump out of bed. I’d imagine that’s the way a vampire is all the time. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem too appetizing, but I talked to Charlaine Harris recently and she said she’d rather marry a werewolf. Plus, they could take you to brunch.”

Hairless Werewolf

There is a bit of irony between Joe, the person and Alcide the werewolf. When asked about something about himself that would surprise us, Joe said:

“I’m part Sicilian, part Armenian and other than my beard, I’m completely hairless. How that happened I have no idea.”

How is THAT for an answer to make his  fans even more hot blooded? I wonder what kinds of visions we’ll be having of Alcide between now and the season 4 premiere in 2011?

The read the entire interview, visit Glamazon’s website, and try not to drool on your keyboard.

SOURCE: – True Blood werewolf Joe Manganiello heading to Coconut Creek Casino Saturday for a howling good time

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