Joe Manganiello Not “Negotiating” To Play Superman

November 8, 2010 by  

EyeCon Update

Joe Manganiello During EyeCon this past weekend True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello discussed a number of subjects, including the new Superman movie.   News spread quickly around the internet that he was in negotiations with Warner Brothers to play the role, causing him to take to Twitter to clear the air.  He posted this message to his fans on November 6th:

“Just to be clear… as of today, I am not “negotiating” to play SuperMan…but keep your fingers crossed and thanks for the wishful thinking!”

During the EyeCon panel the crowd clearly loved the idea of Manganiello as Superman, and let’s face it he looks the part.  He has expressed an interest in playing the part in the past and fans have created a Facebook page to campaign for him to get the role.

Manganiello is no stranger to fan campaigns – it was one such campaign that landed him the role of Alcide on True Blood.

We are rooting for you Joe!

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