Joe Manganiello: Red Sox Werewolf

July 30, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello will be coming back for the fourth season of HBO‘s True Blood now that it has been officially announced that he will be a regular on the show.  Joe gave an interview to the Boston Herald, where he discussed  his role, his acting history, and how he maintains those howlin’ abs.

Firstly, the abs. Manganiello worked with Hugh Jackman‘s trainer, spending six days a week working out and keeping a strict diet. And this was a five-month procedure. His hard work landed him on the cover of the August issue of Muscle & Body magazine. Well done, Mr. Manganiello, well done.

Secondly, there’s the pressure of playing such a role as Alcide. Thank to fans who got the the ball rolling by getting his name out there as the actor to play Alcide, Joe then decided to read Charlaine Harris‘s books to see if indeed he could play werewolf Alcide. It was a year or so later when he landed the role.

“It’s amazing, first and foremost… It’s a dream come true, and I want to pull my weight alongside what I think is the best ensemble of actors possibly ever put together.”

“True Blood” has been putting Sookie in situations that make us question her romantic interests. Bill, Eric,… now Alcide?

“He could have easily taken advantage of Sookie, but he’s just not that guy… I think it’s a matter of Sookie figuring out where she is and Alcide shaking off (his past) and moving on. I think that’s kind of the interesting thing for viewers. Where does it go? Where will it go? Who knows?”

The Boston Herald took a particular interest in Joe, thanks to his family roots to New England. His grandmother was a Red Sox fan, a tradition he carried on.

Joe graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and credits his education for his success as an actor. He’s thrilled he hasn’t been typecast which enables him to play lots of different roles in film and television. He notes, however, he had to work twice as much just to earn a living. But the tides have changed in his favor.

“Being on an HBO show, especially this show, validates you in a lot of ways… I couldn’t be happier.”

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)