Joe Manganiello has Stephen Moyer’s Eyes on Him

July 7, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello is quickly gaining popularity amongst True Blood fans for his portrayal of werewolf Alcide Herveaux, who is helping Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) find her lost fiancé Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). He told US Weekly all about his experiences on True Blood.

First, Joe said that taping with wolves was intimidating because they’re huge creatures and they can jump very high.

Joe also talked about filming his first nude scene. He was nervous before filming started, but once he heard the call of “action!”, Joe just dropped his robe and did the scene.

Finally, Joe talked about working with Anna Paquin in a couple of romantic scenes and how Stephen Moyer reacted to the two of them. He said that he and Anna goofed around a bit, but there was a point where Stephen Moyer did let him know that he was keeping his eyes on what Joe was doing.

It sounds like Joe and the rest of the True Blood cast have a bunch of fun while on set!


(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)

  • Cherie DeSange

    Got to give them credit – it all sounds like a great job but seriously, there have to be times when it becomes a bit nerve racking. I know they are professionals however, feelings certainly have to surface from time to time (ie: Anna & Stephen) when nude scenes and intimate scenes take place. Thank you cast and crew for all you do to make the show fun and believable for your fans.

  • Loleaf

    Love All these Actors and the characters they play!!! They are so funny with one another…and so professional when it comes to the sock… lol.. Watch out Bill others are moving in on your sock time with Sookie!! 😉 LOL!! Is it Sunday yet!! Vacation got put on hold for a couple weeks, so I get to watch the next couple episodes!! YEAH!!! and OH NO!!! Can’t decide which response corresponds with what statement better though.. LOL!! 🙂

  • jaxx

    OMG, all these naked men, my head is going to explode!!! First, Alex, now Joe. It definitely is going to be a hot, hot summer!!! 😉

  • Semiramis

    Love that possessive side of SM: “Anna is mine!” Wish he were mine, just for a moment.

    • lizzie1701

      Yes! Yes! Me too!!

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