Joe Manganiello: Supernatural to Superman?

August 13, 2010 by  

It’s possible. According to David Bentley’s blog The Geek Files on, speculation is swirling over who will play Superman in Christopher Nolan’s 2012 update. True Blood‘s own werewolf is amidst the swirl.

Joe Manganiello joins other hot TV actors who have been mentioned to take over the Clark Kent role, including Chuck’s Zachary Levi, Friday Night Lights’s Scott Porter, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, and Smallville’s Brandon Routh.

Joe is campaigning for the role and fans have a Facebook page to help him out.

“I’m from Pittsburgh so the Man of Steel – it’s the City of Steel, so that would go a long way back home.”

The film is slated for a December 2012 release with a script by Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer, produced by Christopher Nolan.

So what do you think? Could Joe properly don the red cape?


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  • Jeremy

    I support Joe all the way! Playing Superman is life long dream and if you want to get him the job like you did you in True Blood then go to Facebook and look for “Joe Manganiello For Superman” to join the cause.

  • jaxx

    I love Joe and will support him in his endeavors. Go Joe and I hope you do well.

  • alyce

    OK i love love love love LOVE and adore Joe… BUT .. really … I dont know how bad they will screw Superman up and I would hate for Joe to be taken down that path. I want Joe to have an exceptional career .. film. tv .. anything… he is amazing.. I just hope he lands the right roles that will do him justice.

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    BTW We are Talking SuperMan Not SuperBoy,right?
    Joe,I think stands head and shoulders Above the rest that you mentioned. As for the guy from Mad Men? Hes Too busy championing the ways of Corporate Buissness to play Superman!

    I did not like the last Supreman film..Much. And that guy from Smallville looks Too much like Super-Youth Rather than Super-Man in MHO.

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    This would be a “dream role” for Joe. He said it would mean a great deal to him to get this role. I think he makes 1 heck of a Werewolf..I haven’t read the books But I like how Joe works the character! I wish him All The Best! I think he would make a good Superman! He’s Already a Supe-r guy! You have MY vote Joe!

    • ~ Caitlin

      I agree Antonio. Joe fits the description of Superman. It’s his dream role. I hope he wins the role. He is a wonderful actor and he would be fully commited to the role. Yes, i’m liking his portrail of Alcide. I didn’t like the last Superman movie that much either Antonio. There was so much hype and it turned out to be a disappointing. Just my opinion. I’m sure the Steel City is proud of Joe. He represents them well.

      • Antonio el hombre lobo

        I agree Caitlin..
        I Really did not care for the last superman film much! I,too thought it was a disapointment! IF They are WB can makeover the superman franchise,I think Joe would be a good choice…Either as Superman or a Super Villain for him to fight!!
        I’m pulling for Joe here…But I’d hope that he could stay on TB for a long time to come! I’d hope that work on the film would Not interfere with his work on TB! I like Joe’s Character Alcide a Lot!! Joe You have MY support!! Congrats! Man!!
        Joe For Superman!
        Joe IS a Supe-r Wolf!!

  • CJ

    Brandon Routh isn’t from Smallville.

    I don’t really think Manganiello fits the role.

    • lizzie1701

      I loved the last Superman and thought Brandon Routh made an extremely sexy and sensitive Superman!

      Joe has a sensitive face, but do not find him sexy, but that does not mean he can”t do a great Superman, I guess!

    • Antonio el hombre lobo

      BR Had a chance to play Superman. Its Done…Move On.
      The Superman franchise definitely needs some re-tooling!
      As the film rights to the Spiderman were retracted recently from Columbia. Looking back, I think that Tobey Mcguire was a poor choice to play Spiderman! Just an attempt to placate teens out there! If The can salvage some of the superman franchise and can makeover whats left..Then I think that Joe Manganiello would be a good choice to play Superman! Joe has a Highly impressive physique and hes charismatic and funny! This role would mean a lot to him and I support him in his quest for this,Totally!
      Wish him All the Best!

      What a SUPER Man That Joe Is!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚