Joe Manganiello Talks Sookie, Debbie and the Season Finale

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Joe Manganiello, who plays Sookie‘s new werewolf bodyguard Alcide in Season 3 of True Blood, admits that he was a huge fan of the show even before he joined the cast and he found his first day of filming very exciting.  Joe tells the New York Post:

“I remember filming the scene and literally thinking, “oh my god, that’s Sookie Stackhouse!”  Seeing Lafayette in full makeup was another amazing thing. There’s never a dull moment.  I sit there and play my part, but I also have a front row seat to Ryan Kwanten and Chris Bauer doing their thing as I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing in their takes. It’s really awesome.”

Getting the part was just one half of the challenge.  The role of Alcide calls for complete physical fitness and required Joe to get into his best shape ever.  While he is naturally a big guy and genetics are in his favor, it still took a lot of work to get that body.  Charlaine Harris describes Alcide as having arms like boulders so Joe had to hit the gym.  He had his own ideas of what he felt the character should look like and he worked hard to make it happen.  When asked what attracted him to the Alcide character, Joe responded:

“He’s a character with a lot of heart who’s all about loneliness.  Being this giant superpowered person who has to live within the confines of human society, he’s had to live this solitary lifestyle.  I also grew up as a really big kid.  I could have beat every kid up in elementary school and stolen their lunch money.  But for me it was that struggle of learning how to be big and strong but not hurt other people.  And I think there’s a lot of that in Alcide. Learning to be weaker to appease everyone else.  And I think he battles with that, which is why it’s really fun when I get to let the beast out.”

Alcide has been ordered by Eric to help Sookie infiltrate a werewolf pack in an effort to locate Bill.  It is clear that he is not overly thrilled at being volunteered for the job and we learn in his first episode that Alcide’s ex Debbie Pelt is now engaged to Coot, the leader of the were gang that kidnapped Bill. With Alcide‘s growing attraction to Sookie, what part will Alcide and Debbie‘s history play in Season 3?  According to Joe, Alcide and Debbie have a very volatile relationship.  Adding that to the SookieBillEricAlcide quadrangle should make for a great season.

Alcide‘s in a dark, lonely, sad, heartbroken place because his fiancé, Debbie Pelt, has left him. His psycho ex girlfriend – she’s still floating around, causing trouble.  Then you’ve got Sookie going through her trials and tribulations with Bill. I think if you stick people in that situation – this big, strong, protective bodyguard with a girl, both heartbroken, sparks will happen. There’s a bit of lost puppy going on there.”

Fans are excited about the addition of the werewolves and other supernatural beings this season and Joe teases us in a big way when he tells the New York Post that the Season 3 finale has a much bigger cliff-hanger than the Season 2 finale did.  He tells us the finale is:

“Worse. Way worse. Waaaay worse. You have no idea what they’re going to spring on you in season three, it’s crazy. You’ve got the introduction of my race and a lot about where Sookie comes from. They answer a lot of questions and in answering those questions they open up a whole new universe. It’s pretty wild.”

While we definitely are not ready for the season to be over we are really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out!

Source: New York Post

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