Joe Manganiello Talks About Working with Wolves

June 8, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello worked with wolves while filming his some of his scenes for True Blood in the upcoming Season 3. In an interview with MTV’s Hollywood Crush, Joe said of working with wolves,

“There’s definitely a curve to it. When you first see [the wolves], they’re very intimidating. They’re really big. Really big. They have those yellow eyes and make no mistake, this is not a dog: it’s a wild animal.”

Originally, working with the wolves was hard for Joe, but after a few experiences, it got a lot easier. In fact, Joe‘s first encounter with the wolves was pretty intimidating to begin with—he was naked for his first scene with them! Joe recalled that first experience, saying:

“I [was] out in the middle of a field in broad daylight, naked with a well-placed sock. Ten feet away from me is this wild animal. They take the chain off of him and it’s just me and him in this field in broad day light, and they yell, ‘Action!'”

Joe also said that now that he’s comfortable working with the wolves, he’s even bonded with his wolf to the point that he visited him and took him on a long walk.

Sounds like Joe‘s had an amazing experience! We Truebies just can’t wait until we get to see the outcome of his hard work!


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)