Joe Manganiello Thinks Debbie is Psychotic

August 4, 2010 by  

Although Comic Con 2010 is over, there are still questions to be asked of our favorite True Blood characters. Vanity Fair talked with Joe Manganiello about events surrounding  his character, Alcide Herveaux.

Joe said he did, indeed, read book 3 of Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series, Club Dead, to prepare himself for his audition. He now has the entire set and said he does refer to them from time to time.

In a humorous moment, Joe shared that he got to hang out with Charlaine Harris at Comic Con 2010. Talking about preparing for this fan favorite character, he said to her:

Charlaine, so he’s got biceps the size of boulders, huh? Do you know how many hours I spent in the gym trying to match your description of this guy?!”

When referring to the Club Dead bar in the book, Joe said it was revamped into the show’s werewolf bar, Lou Pine’s. The book bar was for all types of supernatural creatures – witches, were-owls, and a were-lynxs. But the storyline of True Blood is keeping with the werewolves at the moment.

A question was asked about the two occasions of “trust” – Alcide told Sookie, “I trust you” and in another scene he told Debbie, when she threatened him,”I believe you”. Joe said that nice-guy Alcide goes on instinct.

“I think there’s a lot of instinct; werewolves come from their heart – they act first and think later – saying, “I’m a good guy, trust me”. I think there’s a vibe that he radiates.”

And what about Debbie and Sookie? What’s in store for Alcide‘s romantic life? With reference to Debbie, Joe says no way in hell is Alcide getting back with her. He thinks she’s psychotic. It was actually helping Sookie that got Alcide back into that whole scene.

In fact, Joe revealed that Sookie is the “catalyst for the emerging leader that comes out of Alcide“. He wants nothing to do with werewolf politics, but events happen that change things.

Speaking of Sookie and political events, Joe gave us a few little spoilers. Alcide transitions from an “unlikely hero” to a leader. He has already made some enemies and he will form some “unusual alliances”.

“And you’re going to see Alcide very much in the middle of a courtship with Sookie. You’re going to see him positioning himself among her potential suitors.”

It’s certainly a nail-biting, fang-extending season. Watch more blood sucking as Season 3 continues.


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