Joe Manganiello of True Blood Proves Why He’s a Pack Leader

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Joe Manganiello, Alcide, True BloodA Fan of True Blood Before Auditioning for the Role?:

Now, we’re not suggesting you trade in your fangs for fur but after getting up close and personal with Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide Herveaux on the hit HBO series, True Blood, don’t blame us if you misplace those fangs in your hurry to dig out your grandmother’s old fur coat.

In his latest interview with Buzzy Multimedia, Joe confesses that he was a fan of True Blood before he ever knew about the role of Alcide.  Joe learned much later that fans of Charlaine Harris were writing in his name and posting his pictures on different fan sites for the role of Alcide.  After that he decided to pick up the books and read them, only to be happily surprised to find that Alcide Herveaux resembled him so closely.  He then went on to explain that being a fan of the show and the books makes it easier for him to keep the story and plot lines straight.  Joe also mentions that he feels the role of Alcide is a complex one.  He’s having to portray a dual-natured creature that is more human in some instances yet more werewolf in others. Neither one part, nor the other really, but rather a full time live-wire balancing act between the two parts of the character that is Alcide.

Joe also pointed out that he likes Alan Ball’s version of werewolves since they are more character driven and not so much about the metamorphosis of human to wolf, i.e. special effects.  As for playing into the human side of Alcide? Joe shared that he needed very little help with portraying a construction worker, just before noting that he was actually wearing his own boots from his past job as a construction worker.

The Next Man of Steel?

Another write-in internet campaign that seems to be well underway is for Joe to be cast as The Next Man Of Steel, in the rumored to be upcoming remake/reboot of Superman. When asked about this, Joe mentions the many similarities between these two roles.  As Alcide he’s got to keep a human face on his animalistic tendencies and superhuman strength. Similarly, playing Clark Kent he would also have to exercise his acting chops by portraying another man with a secret life as a super hero.   Speaking of exercise, it also doesn’t hurt that Joe thinks he’s in the best shape of his life, so excuse us here while we stop and ask you, “Who better to play The Man of Steel?”

It’s also interesting to note that Joe is a super huge comic book fan and loves nothing better than to talk about his obsession.  As a matter of fact he considers a signed picture by one of his favorite comic book creators, Stan Sakai, one of his most prized possessions.

Is that Joe Whispering in Your Ear?

While it’s fairly evident that Joe would have no trouble in tackling a dual-character based role, it might surprise some of you to know that while in the midst of finding time for this in-depth interview not only was Joe playing Alcide Herveaux by day, but he was recording the audio book Dragon Bones, by Patricia Briggs, afterward.  This meant that he had to change his voice and style of reading as he acted out each character while recording the book.  Joe noted that he actually loves this type of work even though it was only his first such job.  He also confessed since he works out so often to keep his body in top shape for his role as Alcide, he listens to many books on tapes during his workouts and reading has always been an obsession. He admitted he could read so early in life that his kindergarten teacher would have him read to the class if she had to leave for a moment.

Where Does Alcide Go From Here?

Joe shared a little bit about his experiences on the show and that it’s great fun working with the entire cast and crew of True Blood.  He was however disappointed to learn that because they play it safe, he wouldn’t be able to do his own stunts.  He quickly changed his mind soon after when he discovered they brought aboard one of his past stunt doubles and pals to do his stunts for him.  He also went on to discuss a few other cast members and how he thinks Anna Paquin is an amazing actress and that they create the perfect on screen chemistry together.  Joe really enjoys the fact that Stephen Moyer is quite a funny guy with a great sense of humor and likes that they share lots of laughs together.
Just before Comic-con last August Joe was informed that he was selected to be a regular player on True Blood, so now we know that we’ll get to see our resident werewolf next season. The question is, will we get to see him fighting to protect Sookie or fighting to win her heart?

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