Joe Manganiello’s Pittsburgh Ties

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Joe Manganiello, True Blood Alcide shirtless

True Blood’s Alcide Interviewed by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Joe who is a Mt. Lebanon native speaks with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about his past.

Growing up in Mt. Lebanon, Joe loved action hero’s and monsters.  He didn’t know he wanted to act until he reached high school.  Joe was pretty much the typical guy who played sports.  He caught the acting bug when a friend asked him for his help with a film for chemistry.

Joe was hooked and to everyones surprise even his coaches, he quit sports and tried out for the school’s production of “Oklahoma” and got the lead role of Fry.

Joe stated, “everyone said I made a mistake”.  He also said, “somewhere deep down inside my gut I knew this was something I should do”.

After graduation Joe tried out for Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, he was rejected.  He went to the University of Pittsburgh and studied theater for a year.  Joe than tried out again at Carnegie Mellon University and was accepted.

After Graduation

Joe headed to Los Angeles and landed a part as Flash Thompson in “Spider Man”.  He went on to do small parts on TV Dramas such as “CSI”, he played Brad on “How I Met Your Mother”, and one of my favorite characters Owen on “One Tree Hill”.

During this time, Alan Ball debuted a new show called “True Blood”.  After the first season was successful and it looked like it was here to stay and follow the books based on Charlaine Harris’s Souther Vampire series, fans of the show begin to blog about the possible actors who could play Alcide.  Joe’s name kept popping up in blog chatter’s.

Joe already watched the show, so when he found out through a friend that viewers wanted him to play Alcide, he read the books, studied the part and realized why fans wanted him.  Joe & Alcide shared alot of similarties.  He started going after the role.  Joe stated, ” In ten years I have never fought so hard to get casted as I fought to be Alcide”.

Joe hopes that through his work as Alcide it will help expand his career.  His plans for the future is to write, produce, and direct.  He’s in negotiations for the rights to one of his favorite comics.  However, to Joe no matter how far his hard work takes him he will always remember his Pittsburgh ties.

Joe’s father wants to put him on the wall of fame at Primanti Bros.  A local hangout for Joe.  Joe state’s, “That to him it would be as good as an Oscar”.  I will always Bleed Black and Gold!  Joe states.

Joe and his character Alcide has alot in common when it comes to there loyalties to there favorite haunts.  With Joe it’s Primanti Bros. and Alcide it’s Lou Pine’s.

Joe in LA

Now that Joe is in Los Angeles he has been investigating new watering holes, and came across one a few years back one that has a fiesty clientele.  It’s seriously obsessed Steeler Fans.  None of the California fans have ever been to Pittsburgh.  But finding such dedicated fans inspired Joe to shoot a short documentary about the group of fans, titled “Diehardz”

Joe still vists frequently PA to see his parents.  They still live in Mt. Lebanon.  When he’s home its a good chance you’ll find him at one of his favorite haunts.  Joe enjoys art and visits exhibits at the Warhol.  You might catch him at the theatre or eating a hamburger at Tessaro’s in Bloomfield.  He has lunch at People’s Indian Restaurant in Garfield, or you might catch him working out at the Gym with his mom.

Being a hometown boy with fame and success, it has put him in position for a special treat.  In November Joe will march in the Celebrate the Season Parade, and the Steelers have invited him to Heinz Field to watch a game.  This is an honor to Joe who is the Ultimate Black and Gold Fan.

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