John Billingsley Talks True Blood, Mike Spencer, and Nudity

September 20, 2010 by  

John Billingsley, True Blood, Mike Spencer

John Billingsley Is Alive and Well

While we may not have seen Mike Spencer around Bon Temps very much in Season 3, but it’s still nice to know that he’s alive and well, able to show up for moments of creepy awkwardness or to do inappropriate things to a tree or Jane Bodehouse. This is oddly comforting because it means that talented actor John Billingsley still has a future on True Blood.

John is most well-known for his role on Star Trek: Enterprise, but he’s one of those actors that has been a guest star on just about every popular show of the past two decades. In a video interview from this year’s Dallas All-Con, John reminisces about the craziness of True Blood Season 2:

“Last season was sort of anomalous, insofar as we were all under the thrall of the demoness and led to do graphic, sexual things. That’s over now. Although I still have the nudity waiver I got to sign on my bathroom wall, which I framed.”

These days he’s in between jobs, having lost out on a part in a new AMC series to a guy who’s been his “nemesis” for years. John jokingly refers to himself as a “kept man,” and says that his wife, Bonita Friedericy, is working full time on the NBC spy comedy Chuck as General Beckman.

We wish him all the best in finding another exciting project and look forward to seeing him again on True Blood!


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