Join Ryan Kwanten In Celebrating His Birthday in Las Vegas

November 22, 2009 by  

That’s right True Blood fans you can celebrate Ryan Kwanten‘s birthday with him in Las Vegas.  Ryan will be celebrating his birthday at the Lavo Nightclub located at the Palazzo in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 28, 2009 and you are invited to join him in the celebrations.  To get more information about the event go to or for table reservations call 702-791-1818 or e-mail:  So True Blood fans here is your chance to wish Ryan Kwanten a Happy 33rd Birthday in person and join the party!


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  • Antonio

    Happy Birthday Man! All The Best! Cheers,Dude! 🙂

  • Sounds like fun!! So, Ryan’s birthday is on the 28th or is that just the party? Cause, my birthday is the same day!! My 57th!!! Dang!! Scary!! He’s gonna be 33!! Lucky boy….Anyways..”Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! Have a great time!!

  • Antonio

    This seems too good to be true! Wouldn’t He rather celebrate his b-day with family and/or friends at a restaurant somewhere quiet? Is this His way of trying to meet a new girlfriend or whatever? Were it My b-day,I’d want to relax maybe have a bit of cake celebrate with family hang out with some friends maybe have a date over to share it with ~~ I said a date not necessarily a gf. Is this money paid out going to a charity?
    Is there a specific organization sponsoring it? Stephen Moyer had b-day last month and he spend his at home with Anna,his kids and his family. I guess Vegas Is “party town” But birthday party town? If I Were in the “biz” I probably would decline and not go Only because it seems unwise not to mention dangerous! Ryan Kwanten being mobbed by How many gals??
    He could have just set up a temporary email address and had people send him or tweet him birthday messages…Would have been much better I think. If He Were My Son,even though i’m not that much older, I’d be concerned for his safety and well being.
    Perhaps I just worry too much! I’d be Just As Concerned if He were my best friend. Of Course I wish Him a Very Happy and Healthy Birthday!! All The Best! God Bless!