Ken Tucker Asks “What The Fang Was HBO Thinking!

July 6, 2009 by  

true_bloodTrue Blood was a repeat, as we all know, and I, along with all of you, was not a happy “vampy camper” (Yes, I actually come up with these silly little phrases, just so you know ).  I noticed the comment section on and all the True Blood “Jonesing” fan comments.  I checked around the web to well… see who else was pissed?  Turns out Ken Tucker from was just as pissed as all of us.

His first paragraph really hits it: “It’s Sunday night, and what better way to end the holiday weekend than to settle in for a new episode of True Blood.  Wait — what?  No new episode of True Blood?  What the fang is HBO thinking?  This is a perfect night to please both regular viewers and capture some new, Fourth of July-relaxed eyeballs with some fresh Blood.”

Yep, Ken, we all agree. Not only do we have pissed off fan(g) comments on our page but WOW the remarks from fan(g)s on yours, he asked and “FANG!” did you answer!

I picked out just a few fun ones for you to sample:

chrisconcertSun, Jul 5, 2009 at 11:09 PM EST “Bite me HBO for not giving me a new episode of TRUE BLOOD. This is becoming an obsession and I NEEDS ME MY FIX!!! Btw. SAM TRAMMELL’s parents live down the road from me!!” [just a side note from me: that’s slightly scar, just so we are clear here OK folks?!]

pbartteacher– Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 10:53 PM ESTYeah! “WTF HBO are you kidding me. I cut my vacation short by one day so I wouldn’t miss two Sundays in a row! Thank god for the DVR. I need my “V” fix. I guess I will have to wait one more week for a new episode. Back to the DVR/Reruns for tonight.”

angrylady- Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 09:39 PM EST “WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! they have F*cked up my whole day and now were gonna be a WEEK behind”

Wow people are PISSED! Ya hear that HBO NO MORE RE-RUNS! These people are out for BLOOD, the True kind of course. To read more of Ken Tucker’s article and the surmounting angry (and sort of funny) comments as I type. Hit the link!

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  • Rebecca

    The only good thing about this weeks rerun is ,if you are watching for the first time.You can find out why everyone loves True Blood, talks True Blood,and fall in love with some of the sexier vamps on t.v. today.Then you learn how long a week is.

  • nikki

    Some of the comments in the article are written as if HBO effed people over. True, we needs our TB Fix! But c’mon folks. At the end of episode 3, HBO said they were taking the week off and would come back July 12th. Although the announcement was not in the least bit satisfying, we were given advance warning. Who would cut vacation short if they have DVR anyway? hey, cretin, you might want to consider using that frontal lobe next time.

    Am I missing something?

  • Nia

    What can you do. S… happens. As far as I am concerned it just fuels the fire for True Blood. I was disappointed but I will be patient, and just enjoy it when it comes on next sunday. Just remember, before you know it the seson will be over and then what? We will have to exist in the world of reruns. God bless DVR. I could look at Bill all day. Just be grateful to HBO for this incredible show and stop griping people.

  • Georgina

    Well…I guess I was not the only disappointed with that but I also understand that because of the holiday-weekend some people would be partying out and not watching HBO. I didn’t see them. I just wait for next Sunday

  • Alys

    What they said, seriously.
    I’m just glad I have some Torchwood (Children of Earth) to tide me over this week with no new True Blood.

  • neonskyq1

    I shall STake through the heart who ever Thought of thiss RERUN IDEA DIE DIE DIE!!!