Kevin Alejandro Dishes on Southland and True Blood

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From Detective to Witch:

True Blood's Kevin Alejandro (Jesus)Mexican American actor Kevin Alejandro, better known to us as Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) new flame, Jesus Velasquez on HBO‘s True Blood, recently spoke to Latina Magazine.  The main topic was his other TV show, TNT’s Southland, but he also gave a little True Blood tease.

On Southland, Kevin plays Detective Nate Moretta, who he admires for being “real” and “a family man”.  Having a family himself, he can relate.  He enjoys playing his character, because he likens him to a hero — he has great admiration for all police officers and detectives, therefore he feels, “It’s like I get to play a super hero”.

When asked for his thoughts on why the majority of the criminals on the show are Latino or Black, he explains that for the most part, the stories are true.  He sees it as a good thing that real police officers and detectives contribute to the show.  They are simply remaking or re-enacting actual events, things that are happening in the world right now, with just a little bit of fabricating thrown in for entertainment’s sake.  The ethnicity of the people involved is neither here nor there, but certainly not intended to mean anything.

Coming up in this third season of Southland, Kevin says audiences will get to see more of his family, and get pulled into his character’s development.  There’s a lot going on, and he foresees some interesting storylines.  The audience will not be disappointed.

Now for the True Blood dish!  When asked whether Jesus will be back on the show, he replies:

“Absolutely! Jesus is definitely back. It’s kind of a big season for myself, as well. I’m a witch and this is the season of the witches. I think it’s called the Witches Reign. You’ll see a lot of me. We pick up where we leave off with that true True Blood style. It’s sexy, mysterious, and all kinds of fun.”

That’s more like it.  Jesus has definitely charmed us Truebies and we can’t wait to see more of him, can we?

Source: – Kevin Alejandro on ‘Southland’: “Most of the stories that you see are true”

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