Kevin Alejandro on His Roles in Southland and True Blood

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As most of you know, Kevin Alejandro has joined the cast of True Blood for the upcoming season 3 of the hit series. The actor also has a current role on the critically acclaimed cop drama, Southland.  The website, recently sat down with the actor who talked about his love for the Southland series and the very different role he will be playing for True Blood.

Kevin was introduced to Southland like most actors looking for work, auditions.  He went through several auditions and call backs before he was able to land a role on the show.  When asked what his initial appeal to the show was Kevin responded saying:

“What drew me to the show was how smart it is and how it is such a big cast, but they were able to keep all these stories going and keep it interesting without being confusing, and it was so raw. Even when you were reading the script, you could feel how raw the stories were. So, that’s what really got me interested. And, the fact that he was a completely different character than I’ve played.”

Kevin had to do a lot of background research to prepare for his role on Southland. Kevin explained that the actors were given time to prepare for their roles and did extensive research and training. The were taught how to cuff people, how to pull someone over, weapons training, police academy classes, and ride-alongs with actual police officers.  When asked what type of response he has gotten from the community and actual cops who watch the show, Kevin had this to say:

“I have some friends who are a retired police offer and retired SWAT, people who are captains and sergeants, and in the police academy, in different parts of L.A. So, I’m in that world a little bit, and I’ve heard nothing but absolutely positive things. Just the other night, I was at a friend’s birthday party, and there was a random person I had never met before, who was a New York cop, back in the day, and she said, “Your show is, by far, the only cop show that I like because it is very true. All the stories that you guys are telling and are going through, I know somebody or have been through that situation.” I always get a, “Thank you,” at the end of it. People say, “Thank you for representing us. Thank you for doing the show.” So, yeah, all the feedback has been very positive.”

Kevin admits that the show has given him a newfound respect for what police officers have to go through on a daily basis. He finds it amazing as well, how cops deal with seeing so many things from someone getting shot to a mother abused by her husband and how they deal with that everyday.

Kevin also has a lot of respect and admiration for his fellow castmates.  Kevin explained that the cast works really well together and it has been a great experience, one he hopes will continue. This is due to the fact that the show has been switched over from their original network to TNT which left the cast wondering if the show would continue.  One of the things Kevin had to say when asked what he enjoyed most about working on the show was:

“Working with everybody. They’re all great. We all love coming to work. It moves so fast. It’s a very non-traditional television show. Because of the cameras we use and the style of the show, it just moves at a quick pace. We’re in and we’re out, and we get the job done quick. That’s been exciting. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Kevin then talked about landing his role on True Blood. Kevin explains that he really wanted the role because it gave him a chance to play a character that was completely different from his character on Southland.  He says it has been great working with Alan Ball and the cast on set.  Kevin’s character on True Blood, Jesus Velasquez, is connected to Lafayette and his mother. When asked how it was working with Nelsan Ellis and Alfre Woodard, Kevin had this to say:

” I feel honored that people would actually trust me to be part of a crew like that. Nelsan is a Juilliard man. And, Alfre Woodard is Alfre Woodard. I just feel great that people think that I can hold my own with those guys and that I have good chemistry with them.”

Kevin admits that it was a bit nerve wracking coming into True Blood which has definitely established itself as a series and trying to bring a new character into that and creating his place in that world.  Kevin’s interview ended with him being asked if there are any specific roles or genres he would still like to pursue since he has performed in such different roles and Kevin answered by saying that he would love a chance to do some Shakespeare. As sure as I am that Kevin would do a fabulous job with Shakespeare, I am much more excited to see him on season 3 of True Blood!


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