Kevin Alejandro Talks to ‘After Elton’ About HBO’s True Blood

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True Blood Star Kevin Alejandro Interview:

Kevin Alejandro stars as Jesus in HBO's True BloodWell, Kevin Alejandro may no longer be gracing the True Blood screen as Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) boyfriend, Jesus, but he is still a fan favorite! Recently, After Elton interviewed Alejandro about his upcoming role in CBS’s procedural drama, Golden Boy. In this show, Texan-born, Kevin plays a less than good boy role. Instead, he will be playing the role of a disgruntled detective! Golden Boy also stars Chi McBride, Bonnie Somerville and Holt McCallany.

While many of the questions After Elton asked revolved around this new role, there was still time for some True Blood moments with AE asking Kevin Alejandro about why he has never shied away from playing gay characters:

I grew up pretty open, with an open family and…it’s weird coming from a small west Texas town… nonjudgmental. They never really even cared about that. It was never an issue for me. The biggest challenge was my idea of intimacy…How do I make that intimacy look legitimately real when the person I’m kissing back has stubble?’ How do I make it so believable that the audience believes it?

After Elton were also keen to know about what Kevin thought of the True Blood world in hindsight:

The project as a whole was amazing, and it’s still amazing. That was probably one of the most pivotal moves in my career…taking on that character just widened the audience support. The fans are truly there because they love you. No one’s there to really beat you up, and I got a real sense of real loyalty from fans through that show. I would go back if they asked me today.

And wouldn’t we love to see him back on True Blood!

AE also wanted to know if Kevin thought there was more to be discovered about the relationship between Jesus and Lafayette. While Kevin admitted there probably was more to tell, he was also the one who came up with the idea of Lafayette having to kill Jesus!

The full interview can be read here.

Source: After Elton – Kevin Alejandro Takes On “Golden Boy” And Reflects On His “True Blood” Experience

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