Kevin Alejandro Talks About True Blood and Ryan Kwanten’s Body

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Jesus is Back for Season Four and he is Planning to Get Ripped

Kevin AlejandroKevin Alejandro, who played Jesus Velasquez in Season 3 of HBO’s True Blood, will be back again for Season 4. This time he tells he is planning to have a body that matches that of fellow actor, Ryan Kwanten.

I’m sharing the screen with somebody like Ryan Kwanten. We all look within ourselves for inspiration [to lose weight, get fit] but he’s obviously the poster boy of a physique.

He has joined a few fellow cast members, including Ryan, in  P90X training, which is an intense regime that claims a ripped body can be gained in 90 days. While some actors feel uncomfortable getting naked for the camera, Alejandro was quoted as saying that he would be “comfortable” to lose his gear. Which is something that True Blood fans will, no doubt, be looking forward to in the next season.

As for what is coming up in Season 4, Alejandro has a few things to say about his character, Jesus, and his interaction with other Bon Temps characters:

My relationship [will grow] with not only him (LaFayette Reynolds, who is played by Nelsan Ellis) but other characters in the show as well. They are really moving us around and balancing it out in all these crazy, strange ways and it works, man. It works really well this year.

As well as appearing in True Blood, Alejandro can also be seen in the upcoming movie, Red State. This controversial movie has been a long time coming for director Kevin Smith, but Alejandro seems to think that it is well worth the wait.

Red State is [Kevin Smith’s] baby. It’s been around for a long time and he finally got it done — I can understand why he wants to cradle it. I think it’s awesome of him to take the initiative and try something new.

Well, it looks like a busy year for Kevin, but we can’t wait to see him this summer in True Blood. Red State will be released in October 2011.

Source: omg! from Yahoo! – Kevin Alejandro Talks ‘True Blood’ Sex Scenes & Ryan Kwanten’s Ripped Body: He’s ‘The Poster Boy’ Of Physiques

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