Kevin Alejandro Talks about True Blood

June 14, 2010 by  

Kevin Alejandro is a new cast member in Season 3 of HBO’s True Blood. He has been cast to play Layfette’s new love interest. In a recent article with, he was asked about the casting process of the new character Jesus. Kevin said that it was quite a long process for him, where he had to audition many times and then do an audition with Nelsan Ellis, (Layfette) to see if there was chemistry between the two of them. There must have been because according to Kevin he has been in 9 out of the eleven episodes that were shot so far. He said that he started out as a walk on and now has been cast as a regular. Kevin said that he wanted to play Jesus on True Blood because,

“Well, the fact that I hadn’t done that yet. You know, you see a little hint here and there, you know, like in Melrose Place, there’s a hint of gay. You know, with the hustler there was a different kind of … like, an edgier guy. I’m not trying to give too much away about my True Blood character, but it was just different.And all these actors are so great and to play opposite of Nelsan was a really big factor in our decision as well because he’s such a solid actor. And that’s what I love to do, I love to work with good people and it’s just the whole formula. Alan Ball, being part of his company, his name has class and I want to be part of projects that are that way. So there’s a whole lot of things that went into it, into the decision.There’s so much that happens to Jesus and there’s a really nice arc that this character goes through. It’s one of my most challenging roles. You’ll see why, once it starts coming out. We’ll do another one of these and you’ll be, like, “Ah! I get it!”

While he is very tight lipped about what happens between his character and Layfette, he does say that he meets Layfette because he is taking care of his ill mother in the hospital and there is a definite and almost immediate connection between the two of them. Kevin, also states that it is hard and intimidating to do a show like True Blood that has such a fan base and such brilliant actors. He says there are definitely long hours, but with a show that is like True Blood there has to be fun involved. Recently, Kevin was involved in Cyndi Lauper’s Give a Damn Campaign, which speaks out against gay voilence.

“I was actually asked if I would do it and without a second thought I said absolutely. It sort of just came up. You know, I have a lot of gay friends and people who deal with these kind of issues, and so it’s very close to my life and part of the world that I’m in. I was so honored that I could be part of something like that. “

We can’t wait to see Kevin in Season 3 of True Blood.


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