A Look at Kevin Alejandro

May 19, 2010 by  

We know Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) are going to hit it off with a sexy romance.  We know that Jesus will be a hospital orderly who takes care of Lafayette‘s mother (to be played by Alfre Woodard). But we didn’t know that actor Kevin Alejandro wasn’t really into vampires before signing on for Season 3 of True Blood.  “I wasn’t a vampire guy, but I like the idea of vampires.”

In an interview with metrosource.com, Kevin talked briefly about his new role and his character’s relationship with Lafayette.

“For the True Blood fans, you definitely get to see a side of Nelsan that hasn’t been explored yet,” Alejandro says.  “As far as the relationship, it’s very honest and intriguing and interesting.  It’s full of adventure and kindness and all kinds of great things.”

Kevin‘s previous role was on Ugly Betty in the role of a character who was killed at the end of the first season.  But it was the same casting director who suggested him for his new role as Jesus.

He also appears as LAPD Detective Nate Moretta on the dramatic series Southland.  The series was moved from NBC to TNT due to network issues, and Kevin is not sure if there will be a third season for the show.

But there is a third season coming up quickly for True Blood (June 13). And now we can add this 6′ Texan to our hunk list.

Source: metrosource.com

(Photo credit – cbs.com)