Kevin Alejandro’s HOT Bello Mag Photo Spread!

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True Blood’s ‘Jesus’ Turns the Heat Way Up:

Kevin Alejandro, Jesus on True Blood, on the cover of BELLO Magazine

True Blood‘s Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez) is on the cover of of BELLO Mag, Issue #20, along with a smoking hot photo spread and an in-depth, candid interview in which he credits the love and support of his family, wife and friends for the fact that he is living his ‘dream life.’

He got here he says, by believing in ‘(dreaming) big and being persistent.’

Kevin’s life before Hollywood beckoned started in the small town of Synder in west-central Texas where he was born and raised. Despite his love of the California oceanside, he says he would love to one day have a ranch in the Lone Star State. A home in New York and a small island in Costa Rica, where he and his wife were married, are also on his list of places he’d like to live.

James Dean Said It All:

The feature’s tag line for the Bello photo interview with Kevin is, ‘Rebel Without a Cause,’ which is a reference to two of Kevin’s favorite quotes from that most famous of rebels, the brainy but reckless actor James Dean. Here’s how Kevin describes his feelings about Dean’s philosophy:

Kevin Alejandro in Bello Mag (James Dean quote)

Despite Kevin’s obvious respect for the late actor, his frequent profession of deep love for his wife and family and his desire to raise his son as he was raised, with ‘manners and respect for his elders,’ do belie the straight-shooting family man that he is.

Kevin Alejandro, Jesus on True Blood, in BELLO MagA Sexy, Stylized Photo Spread:

A word about the photo spread. There’s something for everyone here. (Seen here in the online version). The photographs are stunningly sexy and gorgeous to look at and a number are highly stylized with Kevin dressed and posed to emulate James Dean’s well-known look offscreen and in the three films he made before dying in a high-speed, one-car auto accident. (Note: requires Adobe Flash)

Source: Bello Mag – BELLO MAG #20 (cover preview) – True Blood’s : Kevin Alejandro

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